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Are Apple Devices Secure from Cyber Spying?

My friend who is a security expert showed me his new Apple iPad 2 fully loaded with 64GB RAM; I wondered with such a large global fan following "Are Apple devices secure from cyber spying ?".
A search on the web did throw out a number of security issues with Apple devices, I share some of the concerns raised in the last quarter of 2011.
a. Why You Shouldn’t Use H1Siri
c.Jailbreak 5.0.1 Untethered (iOS 5) – iPhone 4, 3GS, iPad, iPod Touch 4G, 3G
d. Here are some important concerns of NIST before the US Government adopts Apple Devices
1.NIST Tests Ways To Secure iPhones, iPads
2. Vulnerability Summa…

Cloud Forecast 2012

Cloud forecast for 2012 
1. Amazon and Microsoft will lead, and Cisco, HP, IBM and others will have a tough fight for the third place in the Cloud Computing Business.  2. Thousands of SAAS Mobile Applications will be launched using the cloud in 2012, you could even have applications for monitoring your dogs health and diet, including posting photos and similar applications.
3. There will be a number of outages among smaller cloud service providers and this will lead to tighter regulation of cloud computing and also trigger a wave of Mergers with stronger cloud service providers.
4. Cyber Attacks will increase many fold using the cloud as the base for launching these attacks, Security professionals will need to gear for many sleepless nights in 2012 to stay ahead of the cyber criminals.
5. Business Leaders will aggressively bring cloud adoption mainstream and it will be a great year for businesses to save costs and cloud service providers will make windfall profits.
6. A number of clou…

Compliance Chokes Cloud Adoption

Cloud Computing provides Agility, Economy, Speed and much more but it cannot be adopted with the Regulator's support.
Lack of guidance for compliance has choked Cloud Adoption and has made cloud adoption similar to  climbing a steep Rock with no guidance.
It is time for the Regulator to understand the Cloud Benefits, overcome its fears on Privacy and Security and provide guidelines for Adoption.
Let 2012 be the year when Regulators support cloud adoption by providing compliance guidelines and may business and the customer benefit by Cloud Adoption.
Are the Regulators Listening ?
Let  healthcare, banking, insurance, financial service and other regulated business benefit and server it customers better with the Regulators support and guidance for Compliance in the Cloud.

Business will Lead Cloud Computing Adoption in 2012

The Business will lead cloud computing adoption in 2012 and beyond.
Just like ERP adoption was led by business and not the EDP manager , cloud computing adoption will be led by the Business and not the CIO/CTO.
If you do not learn how to ride the cloud computing horse, then you are doomed to be trampled under their hooves, learn to adapt to business.
Unless Technology leaders learn to change their stripes quickly and improve their trust and knowledge on cloud computing they stand to be drowned in the cloud computing deluge which is waiting to be unleashed in the coming years.
CIO/CTO/ Die Hard Technology non believers, convert and repent and adopt cloud computing else you will be swept away into insignificance like the old EDP Manager .
Welcome 2012 with the belief and conviction that Cloud Computing and Business will tango together just like the two horses in the picture.
Add Cloud Computing Adoption as the No 1 item in your TO DO list for 2012!

Choosing Cloud Vendors - Find a Cloud Evangelist

Choosing cloud vendors is like finding a white bird in the picture, it needs skill, knowledge and passion to find the best solution.\You need to be sure the vendor has the ability to provide a solution that blends with your business needs.
Cloud computing without value does not add value to the business or to the technology leader.
Irrespective of what you want to do in the cloud, you need ot remember it is a shared service and you will have to compromise.
Using cloud services is like riding a Tandem cycle, all riders need to balance to get the tandem cycle moving and remember you will reach your destination based on the ability and needs of all the riders.
In dedicated data centers you rode your own bicycle and you called the shots, but in the cloud you need to be malleable and ductile and ever amorphous when needed and metamorphise into a tandem rider :-).
This is a qualatative change in handling vendors, it is first important for you to understand what the vendors cloud services can do …

Digital Garbage in the Cloud

Earlier this week I was at my brothers birthday celebrations and I counted 20 digital cameras in a crowd of 60 people, and maybe an equal number of cameras on the mobile devices . The shutterbugs were busy creating digital footprints of their presence in the party and also recording the event for posterity. Set the clock back by three decades when we had the Kodak Instamatic as the camera of choice with 16/24/32 photos on film, subsequently the polaroid and then the SLR cameras. Photography needed patience, money and expertise and was not a shutterbug activity. Photos were an art of craft and photography was an expensive hobby. These days you can click as many photos as you can, there are no limits, you can also shoot digital videos until you run out battery or memory in your camera (not film :-). I would estimate about fifty digital photos in each camera and there were 20 cameras, which adds up to about 1000 digital photos. Each digital photo is about 20kb in size, so 20,000 KB of dat…

RIP Public Cloud Computing Adoption

Sunset of Public Cloud Adoption
Public cloud computing adoption has slowed down especially in Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS).The big hardware and data center companies have been aggressively pushing private and hybrid clouds to retain their marketing share. Fewer data centers are being closed and the Board is informed that the organization is already using cloud computing. The private and hybrid cloud allows the IT leader to maintain status quo, declare to the world that the cloud adoption is complete in a secure environment. Bigger and more efficient data centers will be built for private clouds, when you have your private cloud you are more secure, the public cloud means you have delegated your data and security to a third party. The CEO is delighted now he has a private jet and also a new technology acquisition one's own Private Cloud :-). The Compliance and IT Governance teams will continue to push for private clouds, it keeps everyone employed the IT Team and the compliance t…

Blackberry Outage strengthens the Bond between RIM and Business

Blackberry has become the standard for business mobility today be it a SOHO, SMB or Enterprise.There are many outstanding features that make Blackberry Business's favorite mobile device a few key features are:
a. Innovation
b. Reliability
c. Security
d. Business Applications
e. Ease of Use.
BB eats breathes and lives Business in its phones and also provides awesome compliance which has resulted in Bond based on TRUST between RIM & Business.
This weeks BB outage would not have affected Business that had reliable Business Continuity Plans; rather  the BB disruption has been a good test of their business continuity planning and technology resilience in adversity.
BB has gone beyond messaging, the BB devices today support some of the most intuitive business applications for quick deployment and acclimatization.
Business leaders will return to their Blackberry Phones with a vengeance this weekend and those that deserted Blackberry in this crisis should review their Business Contin…

SAP Business ByDesign - agile and different

I had an opportunity to explore SAP Business ByDesign the new offering from SAP which bundles agility, adaptability and on demand deployment in the cloud.
It was wonderful to see the new avatar of SAP and to discuss their strategy in delivering business solutions from the cloud.

The  Agile and Different Avatar of SAP will rain in prosperity for Business.  (Photo courtesy Ajay Kumar) 
Surprise was there was no reference to ERP in their brochures or by their sales people. the SAP Business ByDesign is a business collaboration tool, which is flexible and can be customized and rolled out in weeks rather then in months.  This is really fresh breeze blowing from Germany in the month of Oktoberfest. Accelerated adoption by business of this solution will bring business agility and strategic advantage to them. 

“Bharat Badal” National Cloud Computing for Rural India

India lives in its villages" - Mahatma Gandhi.
Background This is article espouses the need for building a “Bharat Badal” a national cloud computing infrastructure for India which will benefit the rural India and bring the information technology within its grasp. Cloud Computing Cloud computing is a model for enabling convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (e.g., networks, servers, storage, applications and services) that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal Management effort or service provider interaction. Cloud computing transforms computer processing, data storage, and software applications, allowing them to be delivered as a utility. Just like people tap into existing infrastructure for water or power, companies can now tap into a variety of services - applications, platforms, raw computing power and storage - all via the Internet.  Key Drivers of Cloud Computing The key drivers of cloud computing are: –Cloud is …

VC will fund SaaS Solutions in Cloud

As the global economy continues its roller coaster ride the VC has become selective in their funding. The one category which the VC will fund are Saas Solutions in the Cloud.What is the criteria to attract the VC's interest and get the funds you badly need to grow your business.
Photo Courtesy Ajay Gopal.
1. You need a running application which is a SaaS solution in the cloud. 2. You must have an monthly income on the use of your solution with a projected growth of 50% quarter to quarter.  3. The solution must be unique and if possible you must have a few patents or IPR on some processes. Thus creating a barrier for replication.  5. It could be in any industry vertical or any consumer/corporate segment.  If you meet the five criteria above the VC will be calling at your door with the cheque and for their share in growing your business.
You need a great SaaS solution idea which can be developed in the cloud and a credit card to buy cloud services and finally a small team to weave it all t…

Cloud Appliance the Boat for Enterprise Cloud Computing

Cloud Appliances A cloud appliance is an off the shelf computing  equipment delivered fully assembled and tested, with the software stack loaded and configured. When the appliance is connected to the power and network and turned on, it works. This is one of the easiest methods to build a private cloud as an IAAS deployment, so if you had three cloud appliances in three data centers and a network, all you need is to plug in the three cloud appliances and Presto you have an enterprise (private)  cloud. 

Cloud Appliance the Boat for Enterprise Cloud Computing all photos in this blog courtesy Ajay Gopal (aj2z on Twitter)
Today's cloud appliance are more matured and can be deployed for connecting to the public cloud thus creating a hybrid cloud. So now you have your enterprise private cloud and you can connect to the large and powerful public cloud using the cloud appliance.  This allows the the enterprise to use the cloud appliance as a boat to the public cloud and when the enterprise is r…

Are you ready for the Deluge of Private Clouds !

Public Clouds have shown the way that Cloud Computing is feasible and a disruptive technology which business needs for agility and economy.
In the next  year the private clouds, real private clouds (not virtual data centers named as private clouds) will exceed the public clouds we have today .
Governments across the world will build numerous private clouds for their own national requirements, large corporations especially the Fortune 500 companies  will build their own private clouds ( Large corporations function like governments given their size and reach.

A number of companies in fortune 500 list already have private clouds and many like GE have launched world class energy efficient green data centers to meet their computing needs. 
Some of the smaller companies will build their private clouds, but will have to take the hybrid cloud route for cloudbursts since they cannot justify the cost.
The next wave in cloud computing will be IT …

Cloud Computing a Boon for Small and Medium Business #SMB

Cloud is the Strategic Business Enabler

Cloud computing has been described as the future of IT infrastructure provision and a boon for small and medium business (SMB) with ambitious plans for rapid expansion and a desire to use best of breed information technology solutions.
Adoptionof cloud computing is a strategic decision that will help SMB organizations tackling the inherent problem of having limited information technology resources to provide agility to their needs.
Cloud computing offers a technology utility option, via the use of the Internet that saves massive costs whilst providing the technological tools and services SMBs need to sufficiently and competitively operate.
SMB in most countries make up a large proportion of its GDP and is the reservoir of future growth of the country’s economy. SMB’s have traditionally been faced with technology options that are expensive and risky; therefore there has never been a better time than right now for the uptake of cloud computing by…

Goodbye Cloud Evangelism, the Cloud is for Real

The need for Cloud Evangelism has ended, the cloud is for Real and the battle is on for dominance.
The cloud has come into business and has become part of the ecosystem.
It is taken for granted and hence business does not talk about it, the cloud has moved into the business like Open Source Linux quietly and stealthily, somewhat  like an Anaconda.
And like an Anaconda it is not going away anywhere once it has you in its grip.
So the Cloud is for Real and has been adopted in Business and the time has come to bid adieu to Cloud Evangelism.

The evangelist road was long and steep and walled on both sides with non believers but was fueled by steadfast faith in cloud computing.
Happy to have taken this uncharted path on a journey of  more then two years and thank those who became believers that  " The future of computing is the cloud ".
Adieu cloud evangelism, Welcome cloud computing for Real benefits to business.

Stock Exchanges in the Cloud for SMB/SME Business

Have been pondering about building stock exchanges in the cloud and whenever I tweet it is like placing an order in an exchange, the only difference being it is textual rather then monetary information.
NYSE and NASDAQ already use and provide cloud computing services for their members and I am sure there are a number of exchanges which also offer this facility.
Today I came across a  design for a stock engine bid matching engine in the cloud  by Mr. Ashish Banerjee in the public cloud using Amazon Web Services.

SMB/SME Exchanges in the Cloud will signify a New Era for trading!
Today's blog is about designing a Stock Exchange in the Cloud for SMB (Small and Medium Business) or also called as SME ( Small and Medium Enterprises) in India.
SMB/SME are burdened with expensive debt and an exchange for listing their equity will  allow them to reduce their cost of debt and also distribute the business risks to shareholders.
As large corpora…

Cloud Computing at SPJIMR Business School

Today  I had the honor to speak on Cloud Computing to the MBA Students  at India's premier Business School SP Jain (
With an average work experience of more then six years in the IT industry these students are here on a sabbatical to hone their management skills.

S.P.Jain Institute of Management & Research Mumbai 

The students already use Google Services and they are already mature end users of cloud computing.
Many of the students had done great technology projects and were concerned about the fact that the Cloud was a disruptive technology and a game changer.
They  were keen to know what would be the future of the IT services industry in India. I suggested they follow the stock prices of the Indian IT companies :-) to get a better insight on the future of these companies.
At the end of the session the students were  keen to explore a career in Cloud Computing and they will add value to the organizations' that hire them.
It was great interacting with the st…

APPLE may be Pipped by Asian Tigers.

Apple biggest weak spot seemed to be its manufacturing in China, but there now emerges a bigger risk which is in the form of law suits and court hearings.

The other Asian Tigers China and Taiwan are now lawsuits against Apple in Korean and US courts.
Samsung is fighting Apple in Korean courts and is winning, while HTC is fighting in the US court.
This mean the APPLE leadership will have to spend more time in court rooms and keeping their supply chain moving rather then spend time on innovation and building the Apple spaceship at Cupertino (  ).

Apple's leaderships will devote time to fighting law suits and keeping the supply chain open , Apple may miss its deliveries for Christmas 2011 and the Asian Tigers may Pip Apple at a this crucial marketing season.

HTC sues Apple in latest round of patent dispute Korean consumers band together to sue Apple…

US Market Meltdown and Technology Business

The US Market Meltdown and the imminent austerity measure will mean a more prudent USA and a weaker US Dollar making imports and outsourcing dearer.
A New Era for Technology Business after the Market Meltdown
Some changes in The  Technology Business will be:
Technology Manufacturing will move back to USA – In a phased manner technology manufacturing will move to back to USA as global manufacturing will notprovide significant cost savings. Software/BPO/KPO Outsourcing will move back to companies in the USA, this will affect the fortunes of companies in the rest of the world. Renewed Infrastructure creation will call for newer and innovative technology solutions in traditional areas like construction and road building for efficiency and control. Cloud Computing  will exponentially grow in the next two quarters and will be the catalyst for technology cost reduction and business agility. VC and Angels will tighten their belts, there will be many start ups closing as  money becomes scare and  VC …

Cloud Computing is the Silver Lining as Dark Clouds surround Global Markets !.

Global Markets are crashing like Nine Pins, the future looks bleak, the US is predicted to be heading to a double dip recession and the world towards economic doom.
The global markets are covered with Dark Clouds of the impending financial tsunami.

Business will recover in this tough situation only cost reduction and migrating to the Cloud offers an opportunity to save on Technology Costs.
When you have no money to spend the resistance to adoption of the Cloud will diminish and the Business will innovate and use the Cloud.
The Cloud is an opportunity which Business needs to clasp with both hands like an answer to a drowning persons prayer.
The cloud is not a dying man's straw to clutch, it is resilient, mature and is working for a number of enterprises and entrepreneurs across the world. The Cloud today is strong like a 100 year old Oak Tree.
The cloud will be the Silver Lining for Business to come out valiant from these hard times and provides an opportunity to  clean their techn…

Cloud Strategy begins with IT GRC

Cloud Strategy should start with identifying whether the Cloud meets the IT GRC (Governance Risk and Compliance) requirements of your Business.
Issues on Security of the Cloud are emerging from Business which have a complex IT GRC requirement like Healthcare and BFSI verticals who have been cautious in adopting the Cloud.

The Bridge to the Cloud is your Business's IT GRC posture.
The first step is to figure out the maturity of IT GRC in your Business and close the Gaps.
The next step is to apply your IT GRC requirement to a generic cloud architecture and see if it meets the IT GRC needs of your Business, there will be some areas which will need attention.
The final step is to identify a cloud service provider who meets your IT GRC requirements of your Business and if there are any Gaps work with the vendor in plugging them.
If at any step you find that the IT GRC does not meet your Business requirement you are better off not migrating to the cloud and it may be prudent for the …

Goodbye VC & Angel Investors! Welcome Bootstrapping!

Traditionally start-up Business has always started by fire in the belly by the founders and money from an Angel followed by a VC (venture capital) ;  the cloud is changing this paradigm.
The cloud allows start-ups to validate their business potential and also run a business pilot by financial leveraging on a simple credit card.

Make a little, sell a little, take small steps.  3M Corporation Creed  

The initial cost of  start-ups are going South as the Cloud offers a medium for building any business quickly, economically and reliably. Once the revenue model is validated the business can quickly ramp up with ease.
Secondly large sales teams are passe,what you need is focused sales team who can leverage on the social networks offered in the cloud, voice communication offered on the cloud, video conferencing offered on the cloud plus not to forget all the software solutions needed by a business for collaboration, execution and customer fulfillment. Finally human contact will be  required wi…

Cloud and Religion

All Religions of the world including the atheist need a forum to propagate their beliefs and get more converts or followers as you may want to call the new initiates.
Twitter is almost organized like a religious body with followers and following, so now you have the Vatican and the Dalai Lama twitting. A great way got for their follower to  keep connected and also to attract new followers.

Cloud Adoption is the path for any new religion.
One of the significant costs of any religious order is the economics of propagation and sustenance, we know large sums of money have been spent by various religions in sustaining and propagating their beliefs.
Religions that did not propagate or convert are slowly dying, Zoroastrian religion more popularly known as Parsis is an example of a dying religion.
The cloud which support the social networks is one of the most economical mediums to start a religion and induct new followers, one could use Google+ which includes…

Use the Cloud to Understand the Benefits

I met my good friend this evening who has become a  cloud computing fanatic in a very short period.
For someone who had a dim view of cloud computing this sudden transformation came as a surprise.
I asked him what  brought about this change !
The answer was simple he started using the Cloud extensively for his work and even started signing up with various cloud service vendors to understand their service levels and benefits and Eureka he was converted to the cloud.
Today he understands the benefits  of the cloud and he does More with Less for his projects which needs him to deliver significant computing provisioning  at short notice for his clients.
He achieves this and  saves money by using the cloud with the help of his credit card..
He was keen to share with me what he has learnt on his cloud surfing adventure and I look forward to share his experiences in this blog sometime in the future.

My advice to the readers of my blog is start Using the Cloud, get those credit cards out and …

Banking on Digital Money, Cloud & Mobile

When the world decides to Bank on Digital Money we will Go Green and change the way we handle Money! Will Banks change to Digtial money, in the last five decades I have see the face of Banking change globally and Digital Money will also be the future of Banking.
My first experience with Banks was when I  operated a Children's Saving Account with a Bank in Bangalore. I could not  see the bank employees face at the teller for many years, I was too short to reach the window. But my father persisted that I learn how to Bank and he taught me to get my bank statement (held in little note book called a passbook) manually updated from huge paper based ledgers. The bank used to  give me a nice metal token when I had to withdraw money, the process of getting your money from your Bank those days did take a while, so I always carried a  book with me. Most of this remains true even today for traditional brick and mortar banking in India.  My first tryst with electronic banking was when I joined…