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Secure Data in the Cloud and Internet are Misplaced Concerns

There has been widespread attack on security of data and there has been a clamor to bring back data into the data centers and set the clock back on cloud computing and the internet.
This has been driven by panic and a lack of understanding by many on the risks associated with data in motion, any data in motion is vulnerable to attack and capture whether encrypted or otherwise.
Data in motion can be in device and more importantly a network whether private or internet, the risks are compounded based on the medium in which data is in motion.
Any  government requesting data and data encryption security features like keys and algorithms do so to secure and protect the country. The governments primary business is to protect its citizens in a complex world run on digital technology and it is every citizens duty to cooperate with the government .
There are  fears that government's access to Business Data will blunt the competitive advantage of the business and put it at a disadvantage. Th…

Goodbye Cloud, Welcome Services.

It it time to bid goodbye to cloud computing, the time has come to evangelise the three services offered by the cloud
IAAS - Infrastructure as a service
PAAS - Platform as a service
SAAS - Software as a service.

Cloud has been established as an utility - secure reliable resilient and trustworthy.
So the future is in evangelizing, marketing, branding and deploying the services that ride on the cloud.

The opportunity in SAAS has seen exponential growth making cloud ubiquitous for computing.

The next challenge is in increasing PAAS and SAAS adoption, this means shaking up the enterprise computing space, changing the mindsets of the CTO/CIO and the CISO  and the Cloud Strategist.

Are we ready for this, the next year will see the intense adoption of PAAS and SAAS as more companies shut down their data centers and move to cloud computing.

Are you prepared to ride the next tsunami in the cloud computing saga, are you prepared to deploy and support PAAS and IAAS operations.

The time is now to…