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The PAAS Tsunami of 2017 in Banking

The banking sector is finally on fire in the use of cloud, as regulators ease the pressure on the use of cloud and as the banks technology strategy  steps down from its ivory tower and embraces the cloud as the saviour. Whether it is mobility, social media, analytics or real time secure transaction, the cloud delivers it all and the year 2017 will be the year of the PAAS for Banking. PAAS takes cloud deployment to a new level, it allows banks to customise and develop based on their needs, if they need nothing, they can use the vanilla PAAS solution, if they want to add more processes or bells and whistles PAAS solutions will allow them to do this easily. PAAS solutions will offer both hybrid and non-hybrid deployment, with adequate security built in the cloud architecture, the PAAS banking solutions will be an accelerator for banks to deliver innovative banking solutions to their customers without robbing the bank and in a small delivery cycle of weeks rather than quarters. We will see…