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Cloud Computing A Business enabler

The dilemma faced by today’s business leader is “Do we need Cloud Computing?”  Business needs reliability, accessibility, confidentiality, integrity, availability, security & Benefit. The cloud scores well on all these requirements, though the complexity of cloud deployment and governance increases from a Public cloud to a Private Cloud and to a Hybrid cloud and the skills required increase from SAAS to PAAS and to IAAS. Cloud is costly, cloud is not secure, cloud is marketing, virtualization is cloud  is echoed by many technology professionals , though none of these may be totally valid. Cloud Computing decisions will move to the corner office and the Board Room and will be a Strategic Business Enabler rather then a CIO/IT Leadership's prerogative. 
Cloud - A Business Perspective The business today needs Reliability, the cloud is as reliable as an  in-house data center if architected correctly, yes there may be occasional disruptions in cloud services which are amplified by the c…

Cotton to Cloud

We stopped over at the Davanagere Town recently,  a district headquarters in the state of Karnatakaand the 7th largest city in the state of Karanataka ( Bangalore/Bengalooru is the largest). It is about 260kms/160 miles from Bangalore.( on the Bangalore Mumbai (Bombay) National Highway and also boasts of a large Railway station and the government plans to set up an aiport soon in Davanagere (. Davanagere was the textile capital of  South India in the last century and it even today people remember the quality of Davangere cotton dhotis ( Davangere's cotton mills are closed today and stand testimony to a hoary past when it was called the "Manchester of South India", today the looms stand still in these factories. Davanagere today has a number of wonderful educational institutions and a cultured and vibrant people who are hardworking and industrio…