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Government and Our Data

A contentious issue  is about Governments and our personal data; but the Government already knows more about us then we can imagine.
At Birth our parents get a Birth Certificate and the Government records this in their data base, our date and time of Birth, hospital where born, your parents names and address and of course your gender is recorded in a data base.
When we join school our personal data is collected and during a Census personal data is again collected.
When we get our Driving License we need to give data including our name, parents name, date of birth, address, physical deformities and some bio-metrics.
When we apply for our Passport the Government collects data about us including bio-metrics; when we apply for a Visa to visit another country we readily give our personal data including bio-metrics.
We pay tax to the Government and have to provide both personal and financial data to the Government.

When we die our data is collected by the Government to issue our survivors…

Taking your Board to the Cloud

If you want to convince your Board of Directors on cloud adoption, a good place is to begin is with a SAAS (Software as a Service Solution) for the Members of your companies Board.
Do you  know  in every board meeting confidentiality, integrity and availability are the key for Board members and they also need to be kept informed of various actions taken by your Company.
The  important events are the quarterly Board Meeting, Extraordinary Board Meeting and the Annual General Body Meeting.
Most Board Meetings start with preparing a Agenda and a Board Note which highlights the points to be discussed and approved by the Board of Directors. This has to be prepared and circulated among Board Members with utmost secrecy since any leakage will harm the company and may lead to regulatory non-compliance.

It takes a number of days to prepare the Board Notes and the weight of the completed Board Notes paper dossier is heavy and need to be securely delivered to the Directors of the Board. This is …

Sitting on The Fence

Another cloud conference and exhibition which is well attended by the Information Technology Professionals who make sure they attend all the Cloud Computing Sessions without fail.
They understand what is said and learn diligently from those who have adopted the cloud, the cloud vendors and the thought leaders but  never translate into Action for their organization.

Sitting on the Fence is not going to take you the cloud, you must experience the cloud to appreciated its benefits, attending conferences and exhibitions will make you cloud ready but you will need to lead Cloud Adoption.
You must Bolt over the fence and embrace the cloud as your own and then you will reap the rewards. More surveys show the fence sitters tick "Yes" for cloud adoption but never translate the "Yes" into action.
As an IT Professional are you going to be a fence sitter or do you plan to roll up your sleeves and jump over the fence and take your organization to the cloud.
The choice is yours…