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Cloud Computing Transformation in 2013

As we ring out 2012 which had its share of success and tribulation in cloud computing.
We can ring in 2013 as the year Cloud Computing will  transform into an everyday utility like electricity.
The Cloud will cease to be a novelty or a laboratory, it is for real and it has proved it can deliver reliably in 2012 despite the pessimists who  kept picking on every cloud disruption rather then seeing the totality of the benefits.
2013 will be the year when the cloud will be the utility that transform and drives the economy in a tough and recessionary year.
There will be large cloud utilities formed by merger and acquisition of fragmented cloud server providers and we we will have companies like Microsoft, HP, Dell, IBM, Cisco, EMC  embracing the cloud for their survival and relevance in the technology landscape.
More then 250 companies in the Fortune 500 can move to the cloud today based on their nature of their business and focus on growing their business in a recessionary 2013  rather th…

Big Data - Tread Carefully

Big Data is the hottest technology for 2013, but there is a need for better understanding of Big Data and its outcome.
Big Data is not about Cloud Computing though it uses the cloud as the computing engine.
Big Data it is not a killer technology nor a killer app, rather it is a distilled version of the best apps and solutions to handle huge volumes of data bundled with awesome analytic and graphical tools, which churn out output faster then ever before from Big Data (measured in Terabytes and Petabytes).
You need large quantum of clean and usable data to get a ROI and also effective and useful results working on Big Data,.
The fist step is clean data, the second step is what we want to achieve by analyzing this clean data and for this we need a road map, at least we will have some idea of where to reach, though our destination may change in our journey as we sieve through the Big Data..
The right team will succeed with tenacity , knowledge and ability to handle analyse and interpret t…