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VC will fund SaaS Solutions in Cloud

As the global economy continues its roller coaster ride the VC has become selective in their funding. The one category which the VC will fund are Saas Solutions in the Cloud.What is the criteria to attract the VC's interest and get the funds you badly need to grow your business.
Photo Courtesy Ajay Gopal.
1. You need a running application which is a SaaS solution in the cloud. 2. You must have an monthly income on the use of your solution with a projected growth of 50% quarter to quarter.  3. The solution must be unique and if possible you must have a few patents or IPR on some processes. Thus creating a barrier for replication.  5. It could be in any industry vertical or any consumer/corporate segment.  If you meet the five criteria above the VC will be calling at your door with the cheque and for their share in growing your business.
You need a great SaaS solution idea which can be developed in the cloud and a credit card to buy cloud services and finally a small team to weave it all t…

Cloud Appliance the Boat for Enterprise Cloud Computing

Cloud Appliances A cloud appliance is an off the shelf computing  equipment delivered fully assembled and tested, with the software stack loaded and configured. When the appliance is connected to the power and network and turned on, it works. This is one of the easiest methods to build a private cloud as an IAAS deployment, so if you had three cloud appliances in three data centers and a network, all you need is to plug in the three cloud appliances and Presto you have an enterprise (private)  cloud. 

Cloud Appliance the Boat for Enterprise Cloud Computing all photos in this blog courtesy Ajay Gopal (aj2z on Twitter)
Today's cloud appliance are more matured and can be deployed for connecting to the public cloud thus creating a hybrid cloud. So now you have your enterprise private cloud and you can connect to the large and powerful public cloud using the cloud appliance.  This allows the the enterprise to use the cloud appliance as a boat to the public cloud and when the enterprise is r…

Are you ready for the Deluge of Private Clouds !

Public Clouds have shown the way that Cloud Computing is feasible and a disruptive technology which business needs for agility and economy.
In the next  year the private clouds, real private clouds (not virtual data centers named as private clouds) will exceed the public clouds we have today .
Governments across the world will build numerous private clouds for their own national requirements, large corporations especially the Fortune 500 companies  will build their own private clouds ( Large corporations function like governments given their size and reach.

A number of companies in fortune 500 list already have private clouds and many like GE have launched world class energy efficient green data centers to meet their computing needs. 
Some of the smaller companies will build their private clouds, but will have to take the hybrid cloud route for cloudbursts since they cannot justify the cost.
The next wave in cloud computing will be IT …

Cloud Computing a Boon for Small and Medium Business #SMB

Cloud is the Strategic Business Enabler

Cloud computing has been described as the future of IT infrastructure provision and a boon for small and medium business (SMB) with ambitious plans for rapid expansion and a desire to use best of breed information technology solutions.
Adoptionof cloud computing is a strategic decision that will help SMB organizations tackling the inherent problem of having limited information technology resources to provide agility to their needs.
Cloud computing offers a technology utility option, via the use of the Internet that saves massive costs whilst providing the technological tools and services SMBs need to sufficiently and competitively operate.
SMB in most countries make up a large proportion of its GDP and is the reservoir of future growth of the country’s economy. SMB’s have traditionally been faced with technology options that are expensive and risky; therefore there has never been a better time than right now for the uptake of cloud computing by…

Goodbye Cloud Evangelism, the Cloud is for Real

The need for Cloud Evangelism has ended, the cloud is for Real and the battle is on for dominance.
The cloud has come into business and has become part of the ecosystem.
It is taken for granted and hence business does not talk about it, the cloud has moved into the business like Open Source Linux quietly and stealthily, somewhat  like an Anaconda.
And like an Anaconda it is not going away anywhere once it has you in its grip.
So the Cloud is for Real and has been adopted in Business and the time has come to bid adieu to Cloud Evangelism.

The evangelist road was long and steep and walled on both sides with non believers but was fueled by steadfast faith in cloud computing.
Happy to have taken this uncharted path on a journey of  more then two years and thank those who became believers that  " The future of computing is the cloud ".
Adieu cloud evangelism, Welcome cloud computing for Real benefits to business.