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Choosing Cloud Vendors - Find a Cloud Evangelist

Choosing cloud vendors is like finding a white bird in the picture, it needs skill, knowledge and passion to find the best solution.\You need to be sure the vendor has the ability to provide a solution that blends with your business needs.
Cloud computing without value does not add value to the business or to the technology leader.
Irrespective of what you want to do in the cloud, you need ot remember it is a shared service and you will have to compromise.
Using cloud services is like riding a Tandem cycle, all riders need to balance to get the tandem cycle moving and remember you will reach your destination based on the ability and needs of all the riders.
In dedicated data centers you rode your own bicycle and you called the shots, but in the cloud you need to be malleable and ductile and ever amorphous when needed and metamorphise into a tandem rider :-).
This is a qualatative change in handling vendors, it is first important for you to understand what the vendors cloud services can do …