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Goodbye VC & Angel Investors! Welcome Bootstrapping!

Traditionally start-up Business has always started by fire in the belly by the founders and money from an Angel followed by a VC (venture capital) ;  the cloud is changing this paradigm.
The cloud allows start-ups to validate their business potential and also run a business pilot by financial leveraging on a simple credit card.

Make a little, sell a little, take small steps.  3M Corporation Creed  

The initial cost of  start-ups are going South as the Cloud offers a medium for building any business quickly, economically and reliably. Once the revenue model is validated the business can quickly ramp up with ease.
Secondly large sales teams are passe,what you need is focused sales team who can leverage on the social networks offered in the cloud, voice communication offered on the cloud, video conferencing offered on the cloud plus not to forget all the software solutions needed by a business for collaboration, execution and customer fulfillment. Finally human contact will be  required wi…

Cloud and Religion

All Religions of the world including the atheist need a forum to propagate their beliefs and get more converts or followers as you may want to call the new initiates.
Twitter is almost organized like a religious body with followers and following, so now you have the Vatican and the Dalai Lama twitting. A great way got for their follower to  keep connected and also to attract new followers.

Cloud Adoption is the path for any new religion.
One of the significant costs of any religious order is the economics of propagation and sustenance, we know large sums of money have been spent by various religions in sustaining and propagating their beliefs.
Religions that did not propagate or convert are slowly dying, Zoroastrian religion more popularly known as Parsis is an example of a dying religion.
The cloud which support the social networks is one of the most economical mediums to start a religion and induct new followers, one could use Google+ which includes…

Use the Cloud to Understand the Benefits

I met my good friend this evening who has become a  cloud computing fanatic in a very short period.
For someone who had a dim view of cloud computing this sudden transformation came as a surprise.
I asked him what  brought about this change !
The answer was simple he started using the Cloud extensively for his work and even started signing up with various cloud service vendors to understand their service levels and benefits and Eureka he was converted to the cloud.
Today he understands the benefits  of the cloud and he does More with Less for his projects which needs him to deliver significant computing provisioning  at short notice for his clients.
He achieves this and  saves money by using the cloud with the help of his credit card..
He was keen to share with me what he has learnt on his cloud surfing adventure and I look forward to share his experiences in this blog sometime in the future.

My advice to the readers of my blog is start Using the Cloud, get those credit cards out and …

Banking on Digital Money, Cloud & Mobile

When the world decides to Bank on Digital Money we will Go Green and change the way we handle Money! Will Banks change to Digtial money, in the last five decades I have see the face of Banking change globally and Digital Money will also be the future of Banking.
My first experience with Banks was when I  operated a Children's Saving Account with a Bank in Bangalore. I could not  see the bank employees face at the teller for many years, I was too short to reach the window. But my father persisted that I learn how to Bank and he taught me to get my bank statement (held in little note book called a passbook) manually updated from huge paper based ledgers. The bank used to  give me a nice metal token when I had to withdraw money, the process of getting your money from your Bank those days did take a while, so I always carried a  book with me. Most of this remains true even today for traditional brick and mortar banking in India.  My first tryst with electronic banking was when I joined…

#Apple and HH The #Dalai Lama and #Android !

The connection between Apple Computers and Dalai Lama seem to be an outlier.
Apple is in the forefront of the Cloud Computing Revolution in the Valley while His Holiness The Dalai Lama preaches peace to  humanity from the valleys of Dharmashala and Bylakuppe in India.
The risk for Apple is its products  are made in China and if the Chinese shut down its supply then there will be no Apple devices for the world to use.
Last week President Barack Obama met the Dalai Lama and the Chinese have not appreciated this meeting with the Tibetan Spiritual leader in exile.

Photo: Courtesy Coloribus
Given its economic might, China  may stop all shipment of Apple equipment to the world, this will put an end to Apple's supremacy.
Compare this to Android which already has a significant market share and is licenced  by Google, the Android operating systems is licenced to a number of handset manufacturers and thus Google runs no ri…

Demise of Messaging is the Advent of Computing

The fortunes of the glorious mobile telephony and  messaging companies RIM the makers of  Black Berry (BB) and Nokia the other awesome company are suddenly losing market share and their bottom lines are hurting.
The new stars are Apple and Samsung, what a difference in about two years, the tablet has come to rule and the handheld mobile is also used for telephony and messaging.
The hand held device is today's replacement for the laptop and heralds the end of tired shoulders and still better laptop burns on where the laptop normally rests.
This is truly the demise of messaging and the advent of computing, with the three pieces the cloud computing service provider, the telco who provides the bandwidth and the endpoint device provided by Apple, Samsung and few others who are ready to ride this change into the world of tablets.
The world is changing and what has this to do with the cloud, the power of these tablets are derived from applications from the cloud, the Facebook, Linked…