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Sony Attack maybe Corporate Warfare in the guise of a Cyber Attack

Sony has been in the news this quarter for compromise in its online security and customer data.
Is Sony a Japanese company and a true Samurai Warrior under attack and is cybersecurity its Achilles Heel.
Sony has build such a formidable brand globally that it is associated with the best experience in multimedia.
Yes Apple is the leader today, but Sony has a large global presence . Of course Samsung is another strong contender.
This is the season to plan the product launches for the thanksgiving weekend in the North American Market which is followed by Christmas shopping.
Sony seems to be focusing more time on damage control then its new game launches for the 2011 last quarter which is its biggest revenue spinner.

Sony Attack maybe  Corporate warfare by its global business rivals, Japan as a country is weakened after the devastating earthquake and nuclear disaster and also a weak Government. Japanese business has always worked with the benign guidance of the government. The current…

Denial of Cloud Computing for Many Countries

As many  countries grapple with cybersecurity laws they are making stringent laws which will prove to be a barrier to cloud computing.
Also the largest provider of cloud services is the USA which plans to make foreign Internet access into that country more stringent given the number of recent cyber attacks. The US government may classify Major cyber attacks as war .see the link below
These developments do not harbor well for many countries who would benefit from cloud computing.
The cost of monitoring and regulating traffic on the Internet highways will be a challenge in the future given the exponential growth of devices powered by wireless services.
Add to this stringent laws that may be passed by countries which  prevent use of social networking sites like facebook and twitter or for that matter google.

Well there will be country specific and regional clouds which will still be launched, but these …