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Stakeholder Management - Key to Project Success

This is the text of the keynote delivered at the Project Management Conclave organized by PMI Mumbai Chapter on 10th January 2015.

I would  like to thank you very much for having me as part of  your conference and I am sure that the next two days will be rewarding for all of you.
Stakeholder Management is key to success of any project; there are primary stakeholders and secondary stakeholders.
Primary stakeholders are those who are directly involved in the project and secondary stakeholders are those who are not directly involved buy may be affected by the project.
Both Primary and Secondary stake holders may positively or negatively affected by the project, hence stakeholder management calls for good communication and people management skills and many a time political acumen.

I would today share with you some instances of stakeholder incidences and how one had to manage them.
We once had to pull a cable from under the premises of a particular shop in a large society, the cable was la…