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Are you Prepared for The Future of Computing?

Cloud Computing is changing the face of computing and is a disruptive technology which no professional can ignore today ! It has moved center stage and is the Future of Computing; are you prepared to harness the cloud?
If you are a Business Leader then it is time for you to understand the use of cloud computing as a strategic business tool. The Cloud is an Utility and is for everyone to use and no longer confined to the Technology Geeks.
If you have not prepared then it is time for you to attend a course on Cloud computing which will help you understand on how Cloud Computing and Business can be woven together to add value to the bottom line of your enterprise.
Whatever your role be in the enterprise, a member of the Board, the CEO, a C level executive CXO, CFO, CMO, CRO, CHR it is time you understood cloud computing as a business enabler and how to harness this utility.

It is time for you to sign up for a Cloud Computing Program for Business Leaders which presents Cloud Computing as …

Adieu Email Welcome Social Media

Recently I had to send a document to my friend and realized I did not have his email easily available, I realized that most conversations with my friend was on Facebook.
My dependence on email had diminished, I am connected with more people be they family, classmates, work mates, acquaintances and others by social media.
Social Media be it Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Hangouts, Twitter has become central to our lives.  Over the years I have  lost my ability to write personal letters and had switched to a different style suited for emails; today my style of messaging on social media is again different.

Social Media messaging is driven by Pictures and then text, a family get together shows it all in the pictures or video posted on social media.  The pictures speak for themselves and the tags are  footnotes to identify people or the location.
The world has shrunk with social media, we no longer need email ids, we just key in the name and presto you find your long lost ch…