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Appoint a Cloud Computing Strategist for Cloud Adoption!

Many business are still on the fence because they do not have a Cloud Computing Strategy for cloud adoption.
Many business are still moving into the cloud without clear direction and in most cases it is being driven by the business leaders rather then the IT department which increases the Business Risk.
If your business does not have a Cloud Computing Strategy then it is best to hire an outside cloud computing strategist who can help you put together one. A good cloud computing strategy will make sure you have a cost effective and safe boat for your cloud journey. 

CISO will be the future CEO in a Cloud Enabled World

Last week I had an opportunity to address some of the finest CISO's in India about the Cloud Security Alliance and Securing Cloud Computing .
Interacting with these CISO's convinced me that they have the potential to be future CEO's as Business is adopts Cloud Computing for agility and economics.
As business moves to the cloud for  computing  IT GRC will be a key driver for acceptance of Cloud Computing.
The CISO will be like a large tree protecting the organization from vulnerabilities and ensuring  business continuity in the Cloud.

The Wikipedia defines the Influence of the CISO.

Typically, the CISO's influence reaches the whole organization. Responsibilities include: Information security and information assuranceInformation regulatory compliance (e.g., US PCI DSSFISMAGLBAHIPAA; UK Data Protection Act 1998; Canada PIPEDA)Information risk managementInformation technology controls for financial and other systemsInformation privacyComputer Emergency Response Team /…