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#Algorithmic trading? #Use Cloud Computing !

Algorithmic Trading or the shorter term Algo is today's F1 engine for trading in financial markets.Wiki:
Cloud Computing will make Algos faster  reliable and cost effective for trading in stocks and commodities globally. Algos which were the privilege of large fund management houses will now be available to any investor as a SAAS solution in the cloud. Here is a link to one such solution from EtnaSoft

Algos will make the day trader redundant and we will see more doctoral candidates stringing the Algo logic and the trade cycles being executed in shorter cycle time.
The regulator will be forced to acknowledge and accept Algo trading and exchanges will need to move their trading applications to the Cloud to support the Algo engines.
NYSE has already done significant work in leveraging the cloud for trading, other exchanges will need to finalize their cloud strategy for their trading engine…