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It is raining, PDA,cellphones, smartphones, Slates, Tablet PCs & solar netbooks! Let us use them to enlighten the world !

There does not go a day without an announcement of a new device in the marketplace which will connect us to the cloud. The most important drivers of cloud computing are the economical and easy to acquire endpoint devices PDA's,cellphones, smartphones, Tablets PC's, slates and Solar notebooks.

This are the real messengers of cloud computing, they are the devices which allow people to exploit the benefits of the cloud be it in a social or business context. These are the tools that we can use to enlightent the world !

No longer do you wait to go home to upload your video of your holidays, they are uploaded real time thanks to these devices. And you may have millions of people all over the world sharing your experiences and learning with you.
Imagine what it can do for education, it can allow us to take the Khan academy  or similar great organizations to millions of knowledge seeking inhabitants of our world.
Imagine delivering the Khan videos in the …

Cloud Computing - A Powerful tool for cyberattack !

Conventional discussion on cyberwarfare has  dwelt on information warfare, though information warfare is here to stay which was validated by the cyber attack on Estonia in  2007 when the small country was crippled and the country had an emergency.

The Estonian attack seems like simple  influenza when we analyse what the cloud computing services can facilitate as tool for  cyberwarfare ; this would be an attack of  pneumonia or even pleurisy with assured outcome as death.

The key strengths of the cloud are what is every Generals dream for fighting a war:

1. Rapid Elasticity - The cloud will not go down and is designed to withstand huge demands of computing when required. This is like men in an army who never get tired and the number of available fighting men are almost infinite.
2. On Demand Self Service - Anyone need to register a domain and you are fine to use the cloud services, you will also need a legitimate credit card for paying for the services. Both these identities are a bre…

The Cloud Fails - We told you So !

Whenever there is a cloud failure the digital world roars in thunderous applause - We told you So !

It is my privilege to write this blog on May 21st 2011 the day of the Doomsday.

Have you ever wondered how many failures happen in the enterprise data centers ; as a technology professional I believe there is never a chance for foolproof computing because it is not all about computers it is also about people, processes and the environment.
On a total solar eclipse day we do not have a sunset but we have learnt to predict and handle this situation !
Many will give the call "Abandon the Hype of the Cloud, let us get back to the old ways of delivering technology". Just like many primitive people did during total solar eclipses a few centuries ago.

The board of directors & business leaders  will be shown all that went wrong with the cloud & why it was a good decision for the business to stay away from the cloud.

So what do the believers do, pack their bags and stop evange…

Sony's Security Breach is a Great Opportunity for Apple in the Cloud; will Apple make a bid for Microsoft ?

There were a few articles which stated that Sony's security breach highlighted the security risks of using the cloud. Somehow I just could not see the connection between an unsecured Sony data center and the Cloud which is run like a secure fortress. 
First my take on who gets affected by the disruptive cloud computing technology:
a. First are the companies who build data centers,companies who supply the racks, the power  equipment, the cooling equipment,  the cables, the storage boxes, the servers, fire fighting equipment, cameras, special alarms and other material  used for building data centers and finally the architects. Oops that is a large number of people who may be made redundant by the cloud or at least will need to learn to build and sustain mega data centers required for cloud computing.
b. The companies who lease/rent/sell the real estate for  data centers will have to find other uses for their buildings as cloud computing data  centers move to colder locations to sav…

Entrepreneurship and Cloud Computing

Every entrepreneur is always short on money and loaded with ideas and innovation and the ability to take risks. Irrespective of the nature of Business technology has become essential  to reach out to a flatter world and also ensure efficiency. The Cloud is the ideal platform not only for entrepreneurs in technology but also in any business whether is advisory, trading, retailing, health care, niche services, tourism, teaching the list is endless.
The Cloud provides a method of pay as you use, or in other world replaces capital costs with operating costs, this eliminating  the uncertainty on technology investments.
The cloud provides most times a free computing platform for services like email, blog, customer relationship management, project management, sales management, enterprise resource management, accounting and other business solutions needed by an entrepreneurial business venture.
Thus any entrepreneur can start the business with the world's best technology solutions work…