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No Travel and No Visa Required for Cloud Delivery

No Travel Advisory and No Visa Quotas required for  Cloud Delivery. You can deliver on the cloud from anywhere, anytime and anyway as long as you possess skill in cloud computing solutions,  a good internet connection and a customer who needs your delivery skills. In the old days we needed a visa to work elsewhere in the world, we needed to adapt to different cultural and climatic conditions and finally many  just stayed back never to return to their homeland. Cloud Computing allows one to work from wherever they please with a netbook or tablet and deliver the computing support and delivery needed by their customers anywhere in the world.
This transformation on cloud computing delivery will gain momentum in 2012 and we will see innovative SAAS products being imagined in Greenland , developed in Asia and delivered to customers in North America. None of these players need to travel or apply for a visa or for that matter take any vaccines to make this happen.  This is the power of the Clo…

Microsoft is ready to be Leader in Cloud Services

After a few false starts, Microsoft is ready to be the Leader in Cloud Services in 2012. Today there was a news item that Microsoft will buy the Nokia Smartphone business with this Microsoft has all the arsenal needed to be the Leader in the Cloud.

The Marketing Skills of Microsoft are legendary and we will see Steve Ballmer leading the troops from the front to conquer the world and give them the Azure services bundled with Microsoft (earlier Nokia) smart phones.
Microsoft is equipped to play in all three spaces namely PAAS, SAAS and IAAS and will lead in each of these segments especially among Corporate users.
Microsoft will shun its non profit social networking and media business if its advertising revenues cannot support them and will become a pure play provider of Cloud and Technology services to the Business of the world, where it is the trusted and valuable partner.
Amazon will con…