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Cloud Computing for Business

Today's program on cloud computing for Business at Bangalore was well received and was attended by Senior Business Leaders.
Some of the keen observations was the lack of adoption of cloud computing by business in India because of poor internet connectivity in smaller cities and rural areas. There were live examples of challenges in getting reliable internet access and bandwidth and more needs to be done to fix this problem to make cloud computing adoption a reality.

The second takeaway was the large  technology  cost to support transactions in Banking sector, almost about Rs. 50 a transaction was the estimated cost. Cloud could substantially lower this technology cost by banks adopting cloud computing.
Some banks are there in a nascent stage and some Banks offer their application as a SAAS based core banking solutions in a virtualized environment which is marketed as a cloud. More needs to be done in this area and one solution was to build a dedicated and secure cloud environment …

Cloud Computing could be Superman for Business in an Economically Distressed World

There are strikes in Brazil, the Indian Rupee is shedding value faster than my weight gain, the world globally is grappling on how to keep recession at bay.
The business climate is tough and Cloud Computing could be Superman for Business.
When business want to cut costs they need tools to identify what they are doing, they need tighter monitoring and controls, they can find solutions for this in the various SAAS solutions available in the cloud. They just pay for what they use and get their business ship shape.
Energy prices and managing data centers is expensive, cloud could offer a better and more cost effective solution.

Marketing budgets are tight, but without marketing how do you reach your customer, use the cloud computing social media tools to reach your customers.
Sales people costs are high and customer support  is essential for survival use cloud hosted  sales and customer management tools.
Logistics, distribution and tracking are good areas to tighten in times of recession,…

Royalty, DNA, Big Data and the new world order

Today's paper's headline states "Hunt is on in Gujarat for a distant cousin who shares Prince William’s Indian blood- Tests have established a direct link between the Duke of Cambridge and a woman believed to have been at least half Indian"
Maybe this DNA testing and matching may destroy the Blue Blood of Royalty in the world.  If all the DNA of all the worlds inhabitants are collected into one big data base and we use BIGDATA to find a relationship and sort people of the world based on their DNA then we will have a new classification of the human race, one based on science, rather then ethnicity, religion, color or nation, could this be the end of our social setting as we known and build over the centuries.  Could there be a new set of groups who come together based on their DNA and migrate to new planets to settle and start thei…

Business Can Benefit with Cloud Computing

There are many great stories of Information Technology Business on the cloud who have made millions of dollars with a great idea, these are companies who have built solutions on the cloud and benefited by a low cost  launch of their business and almost no entry barrier to succeed in their vision for changing the world with cloud computing. This article is for another type of Business, those  who can use computing as a business enabler and benefit with automation from conceptualization to execution to sustenance of their start-up business whatever it may be. Let us consider start-up business in the non technology traditional economy, simple businesses like engineering fabrication, distribution, cash collection, retailing, food and beverages, and any other start-up whose leadership has an idea and the entrepreneurial zeal. What cloud computing solutions can Business use for their business efficiency? today many Business start their computing journey on the internet with a static web…

Cloud Adoption - Start with the Public Cloud.

Many Enterprises start with virtualization in their data center and then scale their data centers into a private cloud and then maybe migrate to a hybrid cloud by integrating with the public cloud.
This approach could be flawed though it may give comfort the CTO/CIO of the organization,  because  it may be a risky route to test cloud computing.
Virtualization management needs good skilled personnel more so when the virtualized servers run into a problem, these resources are a challenge to find and even if found difficult to retain .
Secondly building private clouds may not be economical and is time consuming to get it resilient and reliable.
Most private enterprise clouds do not have a self service model build in their deployment, rather it goes through the IT department again, which means there is no agility and ease of deployment of services for an end user.

A Private Cloud May turn out to be like the boat in the Well!
A better route for an enterprise is to start using the public clo…