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The eCommerce Mantra

The new buzzword is eCommerce, the holy grail for creating millionaires and leapfrogging oneself into fame and wealth.
What do you need for your eCommerce Success is the eCommerce Mantra. “For eCommerce I need a good value proposition, good partners, scalable technology, innovation, Quick launch, exponential customer acquisition that ensures a steady cash flow to achieve funding and create wealth.” So let us demystify our eCommerce Mantra 1. Good Value Proposition 
You business idea must be sound and create value in saving time, money, efficiency and these should be measurable and make an impact in the domain where you want to launch your eCommerce service. Your value proposition must be a disruptor to the old way of doing business. 2. Good Partners
Good partners is the elixir for the success of your eCommerce venture, you need great partners for every aspect of your business be it accounting, administration, logistics, technology, banking, funding, advisory, legal, domain experts and othe…

A Babysitter for Startups

With hundreds of startups mushrooming every day and a million entrepreneurs chasing their dreams it is time they found a Babysitter.

Startups are like small babies and need a watchful and experienced eye to make sure they are not suffering from fatigue and are well cared for, their business model has to be doable and they need enough funds to grow and the team needs to be kept intact as they mature into an enterprise.

Startups investors namely the Angel investors and VC's may want to appoint babysitters to make sure that their investments in the startup are progressing in the right direction and the startup team is on track.

There is no purpose for investors stepping in late in the investment cycle and sacking the CEO and taking it to press since this will not bring back the losses and rather it paints the investors ability to manage funds in poor light.

The ideal babysitter for startups is someone who has significant startup experience; they are the beacon for startups to hold t…