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The Adrenaline Rush for Hybrid Clouds

There is an adrenaline rush to prove that Hybrid clouds will win the Gold for cloud adoption.  We have Dell - Virtustream (Vmware & EMC), IBM, HP, NetApp and a few analysts shouting hoarse that Hybrid Clouds is the best route to the cloud. Back to Basics  Gartner in its it-glossary states -  Hybrid cloud computing refers to policy-based and coordinated service provisioning, use and management across a mixture of internal and external cloud services. Let us revisit the NIST Definition - Hybrid cloud is a composition of two or more clouds (private, community or public) that remain distinct entities but are bound together, offering the benefits of multiple deployment models. Hybrid cloud can also mean the ability to connect collocation, managed and/or dedicated services with cloud resources. 
The Question to Ask  So how does Hybrid cloud suddenly become the holy grail for cloud computing, it has been demonstrated that in a hybrid cloud the risks are higher and the responsibilities div…

The eCommerce Mantra

The new buzzword is eCommerce, the holy grail for creating millionaires and leapfrogging oneself into fame and wealth.
What do you need for your eCommerce Success is the eCommerce Mantra. “For eCommerce I need a good value proposition, good partners, scalable technology, innovation, Quick launch, exponential customer acquisition that ensures a steady cash flow to achieve funding and create wealth.” So let us demystify our eCommerce Mantra 1. Good Value Proposition 
You business idea must be sound and create value in saving time, money, efficiency and these should be measurable and make an impact in the domain where you want to launch your eCommerce service. Your value proposition must be a disruptor to the old way of doing business. 2. Good Partners
Good partners is the elixir for the success of your eCommerce venture, you need great partners for every aspect of your business be it accounting, administration, logistics, technology, banking, funding, advisory, legal, domain experts and othe…

A Babysitter for Startups

With hundreds of startups mushrooming every day and a million entrepreneurs chasing their dreams it is time they found a Babysitter.

Startups are like small babies and need a watchful and experienced eye to make sure they are not suffering from fatigue and are well cared for, their business model has to be doable and they need enough funds to grow and the team needs to be kept intact as they mature into an enterprise.

Startups investors namely the Angel investors and VC's may want to appoint babysitters to make sure that their investments in the startup are progressing in the right direction and the startup team is on track.

There is no purpose for investors stepping in late in the investment cycle and sacking the CEO and taking it to press since this will not bring back the losses and rather it paints the investors ability to manage funds in poor light.

The ideal babysitter for startups is someone who has significant startup experience; they are the beacon for startups to hold t…

RIP Sony - The technology leader

It is a sad day for me to write about a company which have admired and loved for its products and innovation for more than four decades.
My love affair with Sony started with its radio transistors in the late 60's with its powerful radio receiver you could hear any radio station in the world with its multiple bands to choose from them. Its quality of finish and the overall aesthetics was awesome an it was clear winner against its competing rivals from Europe and USA.

Then came along the Sony Walkman which provided hours of pleasure with its portable personal cassette player, a real winner and even today the songs of the walkman ring in my ears even today. Another awesome winner from the Sony stable.
Then came along the Sony Playstation which kept my children engrossed in the gaming, a stable and nice product with child friendly features.
In my stable are also a Sony DVD player which still works today and also a Sony flat screen Color Television which works even after a decade, the…

Stakeholder Management - Key to Project Success

This is the text of the keynote delivered at the Project Management Conclave organized by PMI Mumbai Chapter on 10th January 2015.

I would  like to thank you very much for having me as part of  your conference and I am sure that the next two days will be rewarding for all of you.
Stakeholder Management is key to success of any project; there are primary stakeholders and secondary stakeholders.
Primary stakeholders are those who are directly involved in the project and secondary stakeholders are those who are not directly involved buy may be affected by the project.
Both Primary and Secondary stake holders may positively or negatively affected by the project, hence stakeholder management calls for good communication and people management skills and many a time political acumen.

I would today share with you some instances of stakeholder incidences and how one had to manage them.
We once had to pull a cable from under the premises of a particular shop in a large society, the cable was la…