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Guru Yatra - Program for Business Leaders

I am pleased announce Guru Yatra (Teachers Journey) to educate Business Leaders in cloud computing.  You can find more about the program at The goal is to provide  business leaders with an easier way to learn about cloud computing, what they can do in cloud computing, and how they can benefit from it. Thank you Stephen, Claudian, Sanjay and Milind  at Webaccess  for  creating this wonderful website. LS Subramanian 

Microsoft Rides the Cloud Again

When the going gets tough, the tough get going is the old adage.
Microsoft has shown how it can fight back as it gains market share in the cloud.
It has a new set of salesmen who can answer your doubts about cloud and Microsoft is best at what it does that is Marketing and Building TRUST.
Microsoft Windows 365 has been a great success with the Microsoft Juggernaut of marketing sales and partners clawing back their rightful market share.

Microsoft's launch of PAAS services opens the floodgate for deployment of reliable and secure  Hybrid Clouds.
Microsoft is working on its consumer solution with the launch of the new X-BOX gaming device, this truly converges home entertainment and will be a big winner for Azure. Microsoft may integrate the X-BOX games in its mobile strategy.
Microsoft should launch its own Mobile devices for Christmas this year, we would see outstanding tablets coming out of Microsoft stables which will seamlessly integrate with Azure.
It is my belief that the new …

Indian SAAS solutions can recreate the Indian IT Story ! BUT.

This week has been busy as I had to review a number of cloud based solutions SAAS and cloud hosted for a contest among Indian Software companies. Some of the solutions were outstanding in compliance, workflow,agriculture,  abstract word search engines, patient management, rewritten ERP solutions, content management, specific business vertical solutions   optimization solutions all were world class solutions and can be used anywhere in the world.
It is a wide open marketplace, can Indian Companies tap the opportunity ?
Photo Credit : Amitav Thamba 
BUT here is what these companies need to do to compete in the world market place
1. Declare the name of cloud vendor they are using, it is difficult to ascertain whether they are in the cloud or a traditional hosting environment.
2. Provide a free trial of your solution, with ability to regularize it after the trial period. Most companies wanted a big form to be filled before the trial, you have a few seconds before the mouse clicks away from …

Selling a SAAS Software to the CIO

Today an old friend of mine asked me on my idea of selling SAAS software solutions to a CIO. His contention was since I was a CIO  could I share my perspective of how to go about selling SAAS solutions to CIO's.


The CIO - Chief Information Officer is a busy person, who is more like a juggler who has to make sure that the digital infrastructure and solutions are working like a well oiled machinery for the success of  the business. CIO is a busy person and it is important you have your elevator pitch ready to get your product into his.her eco system.

Pitching to the  CIO Will the solution be useful for his business, does it feel a need that a Business has been asking for  a while.
If it is a new fad the CIO has no time for your solution. Important for you to map the CIO with the benefits and advantages for your software product. Remembers not more than 7 points .. that is all his attention level, so get the best first. Here goes a suggestion of key points of interest ·Co…

Cloud Computing and Traffic Congestion

One of the challenges in any metro today is reaching your destination in time and comfort. Today it took me two hours to travel a distance of less then 20 Kms ( 12.5 miles) which was a real waste of my time and not a nice experience.
The best way to beat the traffic in metros like Mumbai is to travel between 3 a.m. to about 7 a.m. when the roads are mostly empty, signals do not operate and it is a free world. This is also the graveyard shift and no business can be done at this time.
One of the solutions of managing traffic is using mobility, cloud computing for algorithmic engines which can guide the users in wading their way through traffic.
Some of the cities where I have seen this can be immediately implemented is Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, London (M25), New York, Sao Paulo, Sydney, Tokyo and many more.
The convergence of cloud, mobility, big data brings an opportunity to use technology to tackle traffic congestion in our cities.  It has been proven that increasing the roads and bui…

How Big Data can help in meeting big energy needs

Big Data makes a big difference in how we generate and distribute energy and forecast our energy needs. Let's take a closer look at how the energy sector is levaraging Big Data to ensure cost-effective energy generation.
The world’s demand for energy is insatiable whether it is solar, wind, tidal, oil and gas, thermal, hydro-electric, wood, nuclear energy.
There are two types of energy -- renewable and non-renewable. The non-renewable energy is scarce such as fossil fuels and nuclear material and is found in earth and there is a limited availability. This energy we use in our daily lives, whether in our automobiles or for generating electricity, which powers our home.
Renewable resources regenerate as we use them and include solar, wind, water, magnetic and bio-fuel created from farming. This is the future of energy for the planet and its inhabitants and is generally known as green energy.
As the cost of energy increases and its availability decreases there is an extensive use of…

Big Data Conundrum

The Big Data Conundrum continues, those who are innovative and know how to leverage it, benefit.
Big Data is not for everyone, just like market research is not used by all enterprises. 
The first answer you will need is will Big Data be useful to my business and can I get the required investment ?
If your Business can benefit, then do you have clean data? the job of cleaning and collating Big Data is a challenging task and is not for the weak.  
You will then need to build a team with complementing skills to work on big data, though the attitude needed will be the ability to sift through chaff for grain, with patience and a need to win. 
Big Data cannot be driven by the CIO rather it should be driven by the leadership team who handle the business strategy, the CIO can help with the technology tools and solutions to make Big Data Reality.
So who should lead Big Data, the ideal person is the person who leads the  Market Research and Strategy in an enterprise who can use big data fruitfully.