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The Cloud Failed Again, We told you so !

The cloud phobia among the skeptics peaks with a random cloud outage and is immediately touted as a cloud failure using social media tools and email services that use cloud as a backbone, and the message is "we told you so".

Millions of people are using Cloud Based services for their social interaction and are blooming in their social interactions.
Social Media services including this blog run on the cloud, including Google, Facebook, Twitter to name a few and yes there have been outages but no one is complaining.
But the skeptics wait for one failure and then run riot and tout cloud computing is a failure and one needs to get back to the data center.
The paradox is many companies that use the cloud to run their business have great  market value.
Facebook : 173 Billion
Twitter : 24 Billion 
LinkedIn : 20 Billion 
Google : 392 Billion 
This is a small sample of the market value of cloud driven companies, their founders are legends and many have created value within a decade of st…