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25 Years of Teletext and the India Teletext Project

A post in LinkedIn on 25 years of teletext reminded me of the implementation of the teletext project in India in the early 1990's . 
My first introduction to teletext was in the United Kingdom in 1990 where I learnt the finer points of horse racing in the teletext feed, it was interesting information and available with a click on the TV remote. I returned to India in 1991 and was hired as a member of the OTCEI  (Over the Counter Exchange of India) team to build India's first national fully automated stock exchange  created on the lines of NASDAQ USA. 

We successfully  launched the exchange but needed a solution for  price dissemination to smaller cities.
There was only one vendor for equity price dissemination those days, it was The Press Trust of India (PTI)  which provided the service to a limited number of cities in India along with news dissemination. 
We collaborated with National Informatics Center (NIC) who had a dynamic leader in  Dr. Seshagri Rao (https://en.wikipedia.or…