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The Gold Rush for Secure Clouds

Europe has blown the War Bugle, they will build their own EU clouds and secure their data and applications within the boundaries of Europe.
The Rest of the World will also follow suit in building their own Secure clouds for their business, government and anything else that needs cloud computing.
The Gold Rush is on for Secure Clouds built bottom up, it is going to be a bonanza for leaders who offer virtualisation solutions like VMWare and its competition including Microsoft Azure & others, Data Center Equipment hardware providers  IBM, DELL, HP and CISCO and others.
The marketing teams in these companies that provide the building material for cloud computing are going to be busy and laughing all the way to the bank. Their fears of the cheap Public Cloud will be history and no longer a challenge to their growth and revenues.

The cloud pundits who understand how to put together a cloud computing environment will be in demand, irrespective of their nationality. Cloud Architects who c…

New Indian Banks need to ride the cloud for their Success

Come January we will have 7 new Indian Banks given licences to operate from the many applicants.
The new licences will be given with conditions attached for rural thrust in banking and also social banking.
As the applicants eagerly await their licences and start head hunting for their leadership the promoters will need to review whether Cloud Computing could be  the Elixir for getting them operational in weeks rather then months.
Cloud computing will give them reach to the remote rural hamlets in India and also be effective, reliable and a secure vehicle to reach banking technology to the 40 million unbaked Indians.
As the head hunters set the wheels in motion to hire the new suite of leaders to put execution plans into action it may the time for the Board of these promoter Banks to consider Cloud Computing for their profitability, agility and secure banking.

Hiring Technology leaders from the conventional technology banking landscape may be disastrous for these banks who will need to…

Founders' must Let Go !

Founders must Let Go!
Many founders are so attached with their company that they are unable to scale of grow their company fast enough to realize value and take it to greater levels.  The challenge for the Founders is to grow the company quickly and then bring in professional management and list the company so that the risks are distributed among shareholders plus the company can raise more capital and the founders can de-risk their investment in their company.  But most times company founders treat their company as the extension of their personality and like a protective parent do not let go and allow it to grow and mature. There are so enamored by their success that they suffer from myopia. Over the last 20 years I have seen companies similar in aggression and business grow, but I have found companies where founders were willing to take it to a wider investor base and also bring on board more passionate professionals succeed where as companies where the owners have hung on are still…

Disruptive Technologies and their Adoption

Over the Centuries any Disruptive Technology has always been welcomed with skepticism and resistance to adoption, sometime the creators of these disruption have been executed, imprisoned or forced to publicly take back their technology insights and apologize for their oversight.
In the last fifty years disruptive technologies have transformed the way we live, eat and procreate and also pair, whether it is DNA sequencing, bio-technology;genetic modification, health and medical delivery, intrusion into our privacy and the way we conduct our lives and business.
These disruptive technologies have compressed time and have been deployed  quickly that we sometimes forget that there was an era without these tools.
Let us take the instance of this blog, in the old days I would have to get this written in a typewriter, have it proof read and hope to disseminate it through print media, indeed a herculean task for a layman to get their ideas to the  world.

Today withing minutes and a press of a b…

Emergence of National Clouds and National Intranets

With a porous digital world many nations will build National clouds and National intranets to protect their citizens, government and country from intrusion.
A national cloud will go against the very tenets of the internet as a growth engine for collaboration and dissemination of information in a free world.
As national clouds and intranets get build countries will shut access to the internet and will also encourage us of social media and other collaboration tools within the country.

This will impact the globalization of digital data and also the sharing of information and use of the social media and the internet for dissent and discussion.
We are charting into dangerous waters as a few countries have already demonstrated the ability to contain the internet access and also have deployed national clouds.
All this does not augur well for the growth of computing and the future of the internet; but with countries and governments getting defensive and protective a better moral policing of i…

Shutdown in the Cloud !

Recently there have been a few Shutdowns of Cloud Services with short notice periods which have forced customers to scurry for cover and in some cases customers have been caught in a bind
Shutdown in the Cloud will be an eventuality when companies cannot scale in the cloud and remain profitable, they get choked for cash and suffer slowly leading to instant death within weeks after they are choked of funds.
How do we handle Shutdown's in the Cloud will be the next domain for Risk Management in the Cloud.
Though outright it looks straightforward and it appears we can apply the same matrix as we would to technology vendors, but this may not be the right approach.
There are various dimension of Risk to be associated and constant monitoring of the health of the vendors is essential in the fast changing landscape of technology vendors which is pitted with risk and unexpected twists and turns.
Why Cloud computing, we seem to forget how Tandem, Digital was snapped up by Compaq in months w…