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RIP Sony - The technology leader

It is a sad day for me to write about a company which have admired and loved for its products and innovation for more than four decades.
My love affair with Sony started with its radio transistors in the late 60's with its powerful radio receiver you could hear any radio station in the world with its multiple bands to choose from them. Its quality of finish and the overall aesthetics was awesome an it was clear winner against its competing rivals from Europe and USA.

Then came along the Sony Walkman which provided hours of pleasure with its portable personal cassette player, a real winner and even today the songs of the walkman ring in my ears even today. Another awesome winner from the Sony stable.
Then came along the Sony Playstation which kept my children engrossed in the gaming, a stable and nice product with child friendly features.
In my stable are also a Sony DVD player which still works today and also a Sony flat screen Color Television which works even after a decade, the…