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Facebook and Mephisto

Facebook and Mephisto Facebook has become every persons delight,  I opened my Facebook page and presto I had this lovely picture of the Miami beach posted by my friend with the time and date. Mobile computing makes everything a breeze. One button click and presto you have it on Facebook. WowMephisto is a movie of the last century, where the actor trades with the Devil for glory and fame. The movie closes with the dialogue given below:  Well, how do you enjoy this limelight? This is the real light, isn't it? What do they want of me? After all... ... l'm only an actorSource courtesy :
Are we trading our soul, our privacy for the moment of glory to tell our family, friends and fools connected with us on FB our innermost secrets and not to forget everyone else who buys our data from Facebook. Facebook already has  our timeline ready thanks to power of its data analytics. Are we the  Emperors …

Cloud computing are you prepared?

IT leaders give tell me the cloud is complex, security is suspect and it is another great marketing gimmick; I am happy with virtualized servers. But there is a growing tribe of innovators around the world who are building and leveraging on the cloud, the Facebook issues spurs them on since they see a wonderful opportunity for creating value from deploying on the cloud.
There are some outstanding business leaders who are using the cloud for agility, innovation and operational cost saving, there are companies who recognize cloud computing as a strategic business tool. There are a number of these corporate successes I have shared via Tweeter (, but of merit is the cloud based NYSE trading platform and the Citibank private cloud. NYSE has democratized trading with its cloud offering and Citibank has saved costs and  become agile with its private cloud migration. I believe 2012 will be the year when the cloud computing becomes a global commodity, the …