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Why Cloud Adoption is Slow

Why Cloud Adoption is Slow
Cloud adoption by business has been slow though early adopters have reaped the benefits of business agility and efficiency by leveraging on the Cloud. After about two years of evangelizing on cloud computing I would like to share some of the reasons for slow adoption and invite comments from the readers of this perspective. 

Security Most people fear losing control of their computing facilities and this translates into doubts about the Security of the Cloud. Though the CSA Governance Model is exhaustive most large cloud service providers comply with its guidance there is a great reluctance to Trust the Cloud. The ENISA has also created an excellent guidance on cloud security. Cloud Providers and Evangelist need to work on building TRUST in using Cloud computing along with existing users of cloud computing.
Data Interoperability Once I…

Inaugration of the CSA Mumbai Chapter

Today we inaugrated the CSA Mumbai Chapter and it was a grand affair, we had all the founder Directors attending the event and  the guest of honor Ms.Charmaine Lewis--Wali from Microsoft.
There was an excellent panel which included Ms.Charmaine (Microsoft) , Mr.Vijay Mukhi ( Cloud Guru) and Mr. Nitin Khanapurkar (KPMG).
Other founders Directors present were Mr. Keith Prabhu (Founder CSA Mumbai Chapter & KPMG) , Mr. Lucius Lobo (Tech Mahindra), Mr. Nilesh Burghate (Cap Gemini),Mr. K.K.Mookhey (NII Consulting),  Mr. L.S.Subramanian (Blogger).
We had a healthy discussion of the Cloud Security Issues pertaining to India while Ms. Charmaine shared with the audience the Microsoft Azure benefits.
It was well attended by a large number of security and technology professionals seeking to understand the cloud better.
All the founder directors were given a chance to contribute and the evening was useful and enlightening to all who attended.
Issues raised by the participants was the role…