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Cloud Computing Transformation in 2013

As we ring out 2012 which had its share of success and tribulation in cloud computing.
We can ring in 2013 as the year Cloud Computing will  transform into an everyday utility like electricity.
The Cloud will cease to be a novelty or a laboratory, it is for real and it has proved it can deliver reliably in 2012 despite the pessimists who  kept picking on every cloud disruption rather then seeing the totality of the benefits.
2013 will be the year when the cloud will be the utility that transform and drives the economy in a tough and recessionary year.
There will be large cloud utilities formed by merger and acquisition of fragmented cloud server providers and we we will have companies like Microsoft, HP, Dell, IBM, Cisco, EMC  embracing the cloud for their survival and relevance in the technology landscape.
More then 250 companies in the Fortune 500 can move to the cloud today based on their nature of their business and focus on growing their business in a recessionary 2013  rather th…

Big Data - Tread Carefully

Big Data is the hottest technology for 2013, but there is a need for better understanding of Big Data and its outcome.
Big Data is not about Cloud Computing though it uses the cloud as the computing engine.
Big Data it is not a killer technology nor a killer app, rather it is a distilled version of the best apps and solutions to handle huge volumes of data bundled with awesome analytic and graphical tools, which churn out output faster then ever before from Big Data (measured in Terabytes and Petabytes).
You need large quantum of clean and usable data to get a ROI and also effective and useful results working on Big Data,.
The fist step is clean data, the second step is what we want to achieve by analyzing this clean data and for this we need a road map, at least we will have some idea of where to reach, though our destination may change in our journey as we sieve through the Big Data..
The right team will succeed with tenacity , knowledge and ability to handle analyse and interpret t…

Cloud Conferences and Cloud Conversion

It is the season of Cloud conferences spewing sermons on cloud technology in India and rest of the world.
Cloud Computing will complete a decade soon and we still market cloud services like traditional technology.
Cloud is an utility and we need to learn to deal with selling and marketing cloud computing as an utility.
Do electricity and water companies have conferences to market their services, cloud computing business need a fresh sales and marketing team to retain and acquire new customers.

Cloud adoption is there to stay and the next step is bringing in more followers into the cloud computing fold. We need to change from evangelistic mode to Missionary mode and take a leaf in marketing from the church or similar religious organizations and borrow their strategies for conversion.
Does cloud computing needs a conversion strategy borrowed from Religion, I believe it does because the traditional IT leaders are critics of the cloud and still cling to their old ways.
So where do we begi…

Big Data - A new CBDO may lead rather then the CMO & CIO

As Big Data throws up more patterns and helps companies carve out new markets the battle lines are drawn on who will lead the organization in creation value from use of Big Data.
Will it be the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) or The CIO (Chief Information Officer) and if they work as a team who will lead the team ?
Big Data may not be useful for all Businesses but those who have large data sets and are looking for patterns in complex market place are those who may benefit the most.

The CMO understands his markets best the CIO understands the technology tools used on Big Data, but there is a vast difference in their approach to problem solving, skill sets and operational styles.
A CIO understand the business operations, the CMO understands the markets best, the CIO delivers the strategic intent with technology as a driver, the CMO delivers real numbers and brings in the cheque to make strategy work.
A difficult decision but any organization will go through a learning curve before the lea…
Bharat Badal at Interop 2012 @ Mumbai on 11 October, 2012.

11 October, 2012 l 11:30 am - 12:00 pmTopic: Bharat Badal - How the Cloud can transform Rural IndiaL S Subramaniam
Cloud Evangelist & Senior Advisor Power Exchange of IndiaAbstract: The ability of the cloud to provide agility, innovation, speed of execution and in reducing the barrier to access the best ICT infrastructure for computing is well known and documented. However, the much bigger impact of cloud computing will be felt in rural India. Cloud computing has the potential to substantially reduce the CAPEX spending on ICT by the Government and allow it to provide the digital highway to bridge rural and urban communities, besides acting as a catalyst to shape a knowledge-driven economy. The cloud allows for an equal field irrespective of location and net worth. If one has an idea and the skills, every citizen will have the same opportunity to leverage on the cloud for adding to the economic might of our gre…

Cloud Computing A Business enabler

The dilemma faced by today’s business leader is “Do we need Cloud Computing?”  Business needs reliability, accessibility, confidentiality, integrity, availability, security & Benefit. The cloud scores well on all these requirements, though the complexity of cloud deployment and governance increases from a Public cloud to a Private Cloud and to a Hybrid cloud and the skills required increase from SAAS to PAAS and to IAAS. Cloud is costly, cloud is not secure, cloud is marketing, virtualization is cloud  is echoed by many technology professionals , though none of these may be totally valid. Cloud Computing decisions will move to the corner office and the Board Room and will be a Strategic Business Enabler rather then a CIO/IT Leadership's prerogative. 
Cloud - A Business Perspective The business today needs Reliability, the cloud is as reliable as an  in-house data center if architected correctly, yes there may be occasional disruptions in cloud services which are amplified by the c…

Cotton to Cloud

We stopped over at the Davanagere Town recently,  a district headquarters in the state of Karnatakaand the 7th largest city in the state of Karanataka ( Bangalore/Bengalooru is the largest). It is about 260kms/160 miles from Bangalore.( on the Bangalore Mumbai (Bombay) National Highway and also boasts of a large Railway station and the government plans to set up an aiport soon in Davanagere (. Davanagere was the textile capital of  South India in the last century and it even today people remember the quality of Davangere cotton dhotis ( Davangere's cotton mills are closed today and stand testimony to a hoary past when it was called the "Manchester of South India", today the looms stand still in these factories. Davanagere today has a number of wonderful educational institutions and a cultured and vibrant people who are hardworking and industrio…

#Algorithmic trading? #Use Cloud Computing !

Algorithmic Trading or the shorter term Algo is today's F1 engine for trading in financial markets.Wiki:
Cloud Computing will make Algos faster  reliable and cost effective for trading in stocks and commodities globally. Algos which were the privilege of large fund management houses will now be available to any investor as a SAAS solution in the cloud. Here is a link to one such solution from EtnaSoft

Algos will make the day trader redundant and we will see more doctoral candidates stringing the Algo logic and the trade cycles being executed in shorter cycle time.
The regulator will be forced to acknowledge and accept Algo trading and exchanges will need to move their trading applications to the Cloud to support the Algo engines.
NYSE has already done significant work in leveraging the cloud for trading, other exchanges will need to finalize their cloud strategy for their trading engine…

Appoint a Cloud Computing Strategist for Cloud Adoption!

Many business are still on the fence because they do not have a Cloud Computing Strategy for cloud adoption.
Many business are still moving into the cloud without clear direction and in most cases it is being driven by the business leaders rather then the IT department which increases the Business Risk.
If your business does not have a Cloud Computing Strategy then it is best to hire an outside cloud computing strategist who can help you put together one. A good cloud computing strategy will make sure you have a cost effective and safe boat for your cloud journey. 

CISO will be the future CEO in a Cloud Enabled World

Last week I had an opportunity to address some of the finest CISO's in India about the Cloud Security Alliance and Securing Cloud Computing .
Interacting with these CISO's convinced me that they have the potential to be future CEO's as Business is adopts Cloud Computing for agility and economics.
As business moves to the cloud for  computing  IT GRC will be a key driver for acceptance of Cloud Computing.
The CISO will be like a large tree protecting the organization from vulnerabilities and ensuring  business continuity in the Cloud.

The Wikipedia defines the Influence of the CISO.

Typically, the CISO's influence reaches the whole organization. Responsibilities include: Information security and information assuranceInformation regulatory compliance (e.g., US PCI DSSFISMAGLBAHIPAA; UK Data Protection Act 1998; Canada PIPEDA)Information risk managementInformation technology controls for financial and other systemsInformation privacyComputer Emergency Response Team /…

Facebook and Mephisto

Facebook and Mephisto Facebook has become every persons delight,  I opened my Facebook page and presto I had this lovely picture of the Miami beach posted by my friend with the time and date. Mobile computing makes everything a breeze. One button click and presto you have it on Facebook. WowMephisto is a movie of the last century, where the actor trades with the Devil for glory and fame. The movie closes with the dialogue given below:  Well, how do you enjoy this limelight? This is the real light, isn't it? What do they want of me? After all... ... l'm only an actorSource courtesy :
Are we trading our soul, our privacy for the moment of glory to tell our family, friends and fools connected with us on FB our innermost secrets and not to forget everyone else who buys our data from Facebook. Facebook already has  our timeline ready thanks to power of its data analytics. Are we the  Emperors …

Cloud computing are you prepared?

IT leaders give tell me the cloud is complex, security is suspect and it is another great marketing gimmick; I am happy with virtualized servers. But there is a growing tribe of innovators around the world who are building and leveraging on the cloud, the Facebook issues spurs them on since they see a wonderful opportunity for creating value from deploying on the cloud.
There are some outstanding business leaders who are using the cloud for agility, innovation and operational cost saving, there are companies who recognize cloud computing as a strategic business tool. There are a number of these corporate successes I have shared via Tweeter (, but of merit is the cloud based NYSE trading platform and the Citibank private cloud. NYSE has democratized trading with its cloud offering and Citibank has saved costs and  become agile with its private cloud migration. I believe 2012 will be the year when the cloud computing becomes a global commodity, the …

No Travel and No Visa Required for Cloud Delivery

No Travel Advisory and No Visa Quotas required for  Cloud Delivery. You can deliver on the cloud from anywhere, anytime and anyway as long as you possess skill in cloud computing solutions,  a good internet connection and a customer who needs your delivery skills. In the old days we needed a visa to work elsewhere in the world, we needed to adapt to different cultural and climatic conditions and finally many  just stayed back never to return to their homeland. Cloud Computing allows one to work from wherever they please with a netbook or tablet and deliver the computing support and delivery needed by their customers anywhere in the world.
This transformation on cloud computing delivery will gain momentum in 2012 and we will see innovative SAAS products being imagined in Greenland , developed in Asia and delivered to customers in North America. None of these players need to travel or apply for a visa or for that matter take any vaccines to make this happen.  This is the power of the Clo…

Microsoft is ready to be Leader in Cloud Services

After a few false starts, Microsoft is ready to be the Leader in Cloud Services in 2012. Today there was a news item that Microsoft will buy the Nokia Smartphone business with this Microsoft has all the arsenal needed to be the Leader in the Cloud.

The Marketing Skills of Microsoft are legendary and we will see Steve Ballmer leading the troops from the front to conquer the world and give them the Azure services bundled with Microsoft (earlier Nokia) smart phones.
Microsoft is equipped to play in all three spaces namely PAAS, SAAS and IAAS and will lead in each of these segments especially among Corporate users.
Microsoft will shun its non profit social networking and media business if its advertising revenues cannot support them and will become a pure play provider of Cloud and Technology services to the Business of the world, where it is the trusted and valuable partner.
Amazon will con…