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New Banks in India need Cloud Computing

The Indian regulator Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has recently agreed to provide licences to a number of new Banks in India with a caveat of serving the under banked population.
The promoters of these Banks will be scurrying with their consultants to hire CIO/CTO from other Banks to get off their Core Banking Systems off the ground before they can launch their banks.
It will be good for them to pause for a moment and consider Cloud Computing as a vehicle for their technology launch and here are some of the benefits

Time to Market will be in weeks rather then months so they can start their operations ASAP, especially if they adopt a SAAS based Banking solution. (e.g. the cloud based core banking solution offered by NABARD through Wipro and TCS).They will operate in an Opex model, which means capital will not be locked into traditional technology capex investments. Agility  in their business will make launch of new and innovative products a breeze.The under banked population can be easily…

Arranged Marriages in the Cloud

India is a nation which is progressive and has a large middle class population who enjoy the benefits of this fast growing economy. But when it comes to marriage most of India relies on Arranged Marriages which binds communities together with similar traditions, language, dietary preferences, dressing , attitudes and more.
In the old days when communities were more local and not widespread Indians had the Matchmaker who would bring families together through marriages.
A good description of the matchmaker is the song from the movie Fiddler on the Roof :

Matchmaker, Matchmaker,
Make me a match,
Find me a find,
catch me a catch
Matchmaker, Matchmaker
Look through your book,
And make me a perfect match
(courtesy :

Indian arranged marriages Wikepedia :

With an Indian diaspora with global dispersion the Indian arranged marriage has become a challege to deliver.


Airlines need to adopt cloud computing if they want to keep flying in the Clouds .

"Jet, Set, Go: Race on to Slash Airfares"  Websites crash and IndiGo, GoAir follow suit as flyers scramble for discounted Jet tickets." Is the new on the first page of today's Economic Times - Mumbai
Websites crawling is not new to Indians but website crashing is a new phenomenon. As Airlines globally crash or survive by mergers or filing bankruptcy it is time for them to cut flab in  their technology costs.  Airlines for one can start porting their booking portals to the cloud, this will at least ensure that the crashes in their websites are reduced with better infrastructure though the risk of poor design and coding can also bring down their websites. Let us assume that the design and coding are good, then the best way to prevent denial of service  is a resilient and rapidly scale-able infrastructure for the airlines computing. Cloud Computing can also add on more security and reliability and help the airlines to meet their customer's expectation for a reliab…

Dell Cloud Computing & Microsoft

This weeks headlines has been about Dell departing from Wall Street and becoming a private company under the leadership of Mr. Michael Dell . " Dell to go private in landmark $24.4 billion deal" Source :
We also see Microsoft helping Dell with this buyout which has caused speculation of a merger of Microsoft and Dell. " Microsoft and Dell what the buyout means for them " runs another headline lauding the synergies .  Source:
In the past Microsoft and Dell had a great partnership  for 25 years, Microsoft provided the software solutions and Dell did the desktop
But then came along two disruptive technologies the Mobile and Cloud Computing,  the world of desktops and desktop software started to shrink. The partnership struggled to keep the Microsoft desktop and the Dell PC alive and relevant, but th…