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Big Data - A new CBDO may lead rather then the CMO & CIO

As Big Data throws up more patterns and helps companies carve out new markets the battle lines are drawn on who will lead the organization in creation value from use of Big Data.
Will it be the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) or The CIO (Chief Information Officer) and if they work as a team who will lead the team ?
Big Data may not be useful for all Businesses but those who have large data sets and are looking for patterns in complex market place are those who may benefit the most.

The CMO understands his markets best the CIO understands the technology tools used on Big Data, but there is a vast difference in their approach to problem solving, skill sets and operational styles.
A CIO understand the business operations, the CMO understands the markets best, the CIO delivers the strategic intent with technology as a driver, the CMO delivers real numbers and brings in the cheque to make strategy work.
A difficult decision but any organization will go through a learning curve before the lea…
Bharat Badal at Interop 2012 @ Mumbai on 11 October, 2012.

11 October, 2012 l 11:30 am - 12:00 pmTopic: Bharat Badal - How the Cloud can transform Rural IndiaL S Subramaniam
Cloud Evangelist & Senior Advisor Power Exchange of IndiaAbstract: The ability of the cloud to provide agility, innovation, speed of execution and in reducing the barrier to access the best ICT infrastructure for computing is well known and documented. However, the much bigger impact of cloud computing will be felt in rural India. Cloud computing has the potential to substantially reduce the CAPEX spending on ICT by the Government and allow it to provide the digital highway to bridge rural and urban communities, besides acting as a catalyst to shape a knowledge-driven economy. The cloud allows for an equal field irrespective of location and net worth. If one has an idea and the skills, every citizen will have the same opportunity to leverage on the cloud for adding to the economic might of our gre…