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Are Apple Devices Secure from Cyber Spying?

My friend who is a security expert showed me his new Apple iPad 2 fully loaded with 64GB RAM; I wondered with such a large global fan following "Are Apple devices secure from cyber spying ?".
A search on the web did throw out a number of security issues with Apple devices, I share some of the concerns raised in the last quarter of 2011.
a. Why You Shouldn’t Use H1Siri
c.Jailbreak 5.0.1 Untethered (iOS 5) – iPhone 4, 3GS, iPad, iPod Touch 4G, 3G
d. Here are some important concerns of NIST before the US Government adopts Apple Devices
1.NIST Tests Ways To Secure iPhones, iPads
2. Vulnerability Summa…

Cloud Forecast 2012

Cloud forecast for 2012 
1. Amazon and Microsoft will lead, and Cisco, HP, IBM and others will have a tough fight for the third place in the Cloud Computing Business.  2. Thousands of SAAS Mobile Applications will be launched using the cloud in 2012, you could even have applications for monitoring your dogs health and diet, including posting photos and similar applications.
3. There will be a number of outages among smaller cloud service providers and this will lead to tighter regulation of cloud computing and also trigger a wave of Mergers with stronger cloud service providers.
4. Cyber Attacks will increase many fold using the cloud as the base for launching these attacks, Security professionals will need to gear for many sleepless nights in 2012 to stay ahead of the cyber criminals.
5. Business Leaders will aggressively bring cloud adoption mainstream and it will be a great year for businesses to save costs and cloud service providers will make windfall profits.
6. A number of clou…

Compliance Chokes Cloud Adoption

Cloud Computing provides Agility, Economy, Speed and much more but it cannot be adopted with the Regulator's support.
Lack of guidance for compliance has choked Cloud Adoption and has made cloud adoption similar to  climbing a steep Rock with no guidance.
It is time for the Regulator to understand the Cloud Benefits, overcome its fears on Privacy and Security and provide guidelines for Adoption.
Let 2012 be the year when Regulators support cloud adoption by providing compliance guidelines and may business and the customer benefit by Cloud Adoption.
Are the Regulators Listening ?
Let  healthcare, banking, insurance, financial service and other regulated business benefit and server it customers better with the Regulators support and guidance for Compliance in the Cloud.

Business will Lead Cloud Computing Adoption in 2012

The Business will lead cloud computing adoption in 2012 and beyond.
Just like ERP adoption was led by business and not the EDP manager , cloud computing adoption will be led by the Business and not the CIO/CTO.
If you do not learn how to ride the cloud computing horse, then you are doomed to be trampled under their hooves, learn to adapt to business.
Unless Technology leaders learn to change their stripes quickly and improve their trust and knowledge on cloud computing they stand to be drowned in the cloud computing deluge which is waiting to be unleashed in the coming years.
CIO/CTO/ Die Hard Technology non believers, convert and repent and adopt cloud computing else you will be swept away into insignificance like the old EDP Manager .
Welcome 2012 with the belief and conviction that Cloud Computing and Business will tango together just like the two horses in the picture.
Add Cloud Computing Adoption as the No 1 item in your TO DO list for 2012!