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Amazon Outage - Welcome the future leaders IBM, HP and CISCO

I have been tracking the Amazon outage from April 21st and am happy to state though some key service providers have been affected the mood has been optimistic which is a relief for the future of computing in the cloud.
Though Amazon has promised to give a post mortem report it has been a long Easter End for them to bring back their services to normal, and as I write this blog Amazon are still busy resurrecting their dead services.
Easter is a good time to for  service providers of cloud computing to arise from their old practices and review  their IT Governance and  Fault Tolerant  Engineering.
Most cloud vendors have their  IT compliance in place but what about the IT Governance to address  resilient services, the focus should be of Governing for 24x7x365 availability, they may want to map to the COBIT framework for the Cloud.
The second area of Fault Tolerant Cloud Engineering, this is an area where larger investments will be needed especially by a company like Amazon which is kno…

BIG 5 in Cloud Computing

Larry Carvalho , and are behind and on messages - agree? 20 Aprvia HootSuiteFavoriteRetweetReply Larry Carvalho's twitter question a few days ago got me thinking and here are my thoughts ! The BIG 5 is a popular term used in South Africa and I have picked a few points from Wiki source : The BIG 5 collection consists of the lion, the African elephant, the Cape Buffalo, the leopard and the rhinoceros.[2] The members of the big five were chosen for the difficulty in hunting them and the degree of danger involved, rather than their size.[1][3] The BIG 5 were not enough for this blog, so I have extended the species to include animals from other parts of the world to bring out the impact of M&A. So let us map Larry's BIG five to the African BIG 5; which of the BIG 5 is the best? You can be the judge ! Lion  - MICROSOFT African Elephant - IBM Cape Buffalo - ORACLE Leopard - CISCO Rhinoceros  -…

More from Less !

IT professionals are under pressure to deliver More from Less; the good old days of incremental technology budgets are over. Business today demands more value for their investments in IT and are reviewing IT expenditure through a magnifying glass.
These are exceptional times and the Cloud may not provide all the answers, but it may be a good time for IT leaders to take time to understand Cloud Computing and approach the technology without any bias.
The Cloud may be the proverbial last straw for many IT leaders before the Business kills them  by asphyxiation by severing budgetary support.
Negotiations with vendors are tough and more then 70% of the IT budget go in  keeping the lights ON!Business continues to demand agility, innovation and excellence from the IT leaders with exceptional budget cuts and demand an OPEX budget.
A radical  approach of innovation and excellence in IT Management may be the key to deliver more from less;
The IT teams need to become Lean Mean Fighting Machines…

Banking on the Clouds

The Temenos Microsoft alliance to bring banking on cloud computing is commendable and the fact that 12 Mexican Banks have agreed to Migrate and work is in progress is heartening news for those who believe that the future of computing is the cloud.
Microsoft has also signed with Misys to offer their banking solutions on the Microsoft cloud Azure.
Some of the key development over the last few months are given below which I have taken from the Microsoft website.
Temenos Announces the Availability of its T24 Core Banking System on the Microsoft Windows Azure Platform
Misys Announces Core Banking Solution to be Extended to the Cloud with the Windows Azure Platform
BNP Paribas Envisages the Future of the Branch
North Shore Credit Union boosts innovation and customer service with Temenos and Microsoft
Source : The cloud provides  a great opportunity of  banking software solution providers migrate their current…

Does Infosys results signals the cloudburst before the deluge for Indian IT Industry ?

Last week I was in Bangalore at Electronic city and outside the venerable Infy campus and there was hardly any activity outside the campus, I remember the same Infy campus  entrance a few years ago which used to bustle like a fish market.
At the airport as I moved up the escalator I saw this advertisement positioned in a way that one could not miss it , see the picture below

Today the Infy results were out and the domino affect was not only Infy  stock prices but all IT stocks  which has brought gloom in the market.

I remember this article written more then a year ago by Arun Mysore and I applaud him for getting it right.

"Noted Indian offshore vendor Infosys released its annual results this week. In the last fiscal year 39% of its revenue came from application development and maintenance, 26% from consulting and package implementation, 7.2% from system integration and 7.2% from infrastructure management.
 The key question before vendors like Infosys is what would happen to th…

How Microsoft Azure lost the first mover Advantage in the India Market.

In 2010 Microsoft launched Azure in India and I was lucky to get standing place in the Taj Lands End, Mumbai at the launch. The hall was packed and overflowing and it was more like a rock concert than an IT event there were more then 500 people at the Azure launch.
About a year later Microsoft India is still getting their act right, I wonder what went wrong it was surely not the marketing team because Microsoft India always had a wonderful sales team.
This is my perspective on how Microsoft Azure lost the first mover advantage in the India Market.
For one Microsoft did not offer the service in Indian Rupees, so it was difficult for someone to pay in US
Dollars for services in India.
Two Microsoft India did give free Azure to students/technology adopters, but they needed to log in their international credit card details so that they could be billed if they exceeded the allotted quota. Most Indians  do not possess international credit cards in India so it was a non starter.
Three Mi…

Cloudy Business

A few months ago I shifted my domain hosting to sitecloud which met my criteria of going green and being on the cloud. Sitecloud ( ) is now merged with GreenGeeks (

The service had its own problems and there were outages on my email and  there were apologetic emails from the CEO of sitecloud. The letter below clearly illustrates how running a business on the cloud can fail if you do not have resources with the required technical competence and understanding of the cloud. I am sharing this experience because I did not do a thorough vendor evaluation and hence have to go through this transition. This underlies the importance of cloud vendor evaluation not only on price but also leadership, financials and technology competence. I reproduce the email from sitecloud and greengeeks, the sitecloud email is from the CEO, the greengeeks email is from the Sr. system administrator.

SiteCloud LLC to me show details 12:26 AM (8 hours ago)

Cloud Computing Workshop at Vellore Institute of Technology

Drove down to Vellore from Bangalore and was rewarded with the lovely sunrise on the highway.

Reached Vellore Institute of Technology  and was impressed by the guest house for that matter the whole campus  was green and beautiful. The photo below is the courtyard in the guest house of the Vellore Institute of Technology.,

The Seminar started at 10 a.m. in the Kamaraj Auditorium and everything worked like a breeze, there were more the 80 participants which included professors,research scholars and students from various colleges. Their interest in cloud computing was encouraging and no one left the room during the sessions, all mobiles were switched off and  it was a pleasure to share my knowledge with this wonderful crowd.

Sharing  the  definition  cloud computing with the audience.
The audience listened with rapt attention and there were many excellent queries raised by the participants.

We closed the session at  3 p.m. with a tea break. I rested for a while in the lovely guest house.