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Bharat Badal and Rural India

Bharat Badal  and  Rural India       

Sometime back  I had shared how rural India can benefit by Bharat Badal , here is a check of how these expectations have panned out.
Today the cloud is assisted by cognitive and mobility and nation linked by easy data connectivity which has accelerated the adoption and use of technology in rural India.  

What can be done for rural India using the cloud - A status check
"The cloud will allow information technology to be infused to the smallest hamlet of India and make access to information available to the poorest of the poor to give them a better life by empowering them with knowledge derived through the net book or mobile phone connected to the cloud. The cloud will make the services such as affordable and accessible at a low cost"
This has been achieved for rural India by the  Digital India program of the Government.

Bharat will benefit by taking the cloud to rural India because::
"The cloud will drive down costs of e-Governance, Education, Medical Care & other Government computerization initiatives."
      e-Governance Used for distribution of Government welfare schemes.
      Education by introduction of  MOOC driven by IIT and Ministry of Education,
       Medical Care driven by telemedicine and cognitive for cancer care and research.

" The cloud will bridge the great divide between Rich Urban India and Poor Rural India and will give the same level playing field to all Indians"
      Rural India is as connected as Urban India and the gap has been bridged.

"Lastly, the cloud will enable non- English speaking literate Indians to join the information revolution and participate in governance and the future of the country by allowing them to transact on the web in the Indian language of their choice."
      Internet  and computing is available in a number of Indian languages, allowing all citizens to participate in nation building. Weather, crop sowing advice and agricultural prices are all made available to farmers to make smarter decisions in choosing the right crops for their fields.

Bharat Badal
"The Government of India must work on a public private partnership to built of a National Cloud Infrastructure named as “Bharat Badal “ pan India with data centers in five cities, this can be subsequently expanded nationally by connecting to the cloud infrastructure built by the State Governments of India. The cities where the cloud data centers could be located are Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai and Bengalooru"
Cloud computing is offered by a number of global and local companies pan India and data centers are distributed across India, yes Government does use the services of these cloud vendors in a partnership with private cloud vendors.

The Bharat Cloud is the solution for empowering the non urban Indian citizens with the power of Information Technology. Bharat Cloud will ensure a prosperous and digitally connected India and will bring economic and knowledge growth across the nation and will also be instrumental in unifying India.
      The Digital India mission has set out to achieve this and the progress has been encouraging in banking, travel and citizen- government interface.

It is heartening that India has harnessed the Cloud benefits and also Cognitive and Blockchain and is poised to improve the growth of the economy by using computing as a catalyst for growth.

Footnote : Here is the link to the Bharat Badal article and the video :


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