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IBM's Think Forum 2018 @ Mumbai

It was a wonderful and fulfilling evening for the business and technology leaders of India at the IBM's Think forum 2018 on 13th February in Mumbai.

CEO Speak - Ms. Ginni Rometty - Chairman, President and CEO of IBM's keynote set the tone for the energy packed evening, she stated that business can get smarter by the use of cognitive computing - Leveraging a data platform that learns ; Infusing that learning into systems and processes & Empowering their people to learn faster with AI and the need to usher new technologies with purpose and responsibility;society will judge the right ones which deliver value. She enunciated the three drivers for businesses to get smarter - leveraging a data platform that learns, infusing that learning into systems and procedures and empowering their people to learn fast with AI. She said AI should be called Augmented Intelligence. Ms. Ginni Rometty stated that we are at an inflection point for all businesses is use of data, leverage processes and build people’s skills - to get value from man and machine.

Continuity - Ms. Ginni Rometty of IBM stated that IBM will continue to the leader in the computing world with its experience of more than 100 year to steer through the demanding technology landscape of today; she made it clear that IBM was here for the long haul.

Computing - Ms. Ginni Rometty of IBM outlined the future of computing build around the end of incumbency and the offers the fuel for innovation on scale with talent!

The Data with incumbent business leaders gives them an opportunity to become disruptors; business leaders can use their data for competitive advantage to strengthen their position as incumbents . The incumbents will be the disrupters with their data !

Clients -The customer comes first was demonstrated by IBM with leaders from State Bank of India , HDFC Bank, Yes Bank, Mahindra & Mahindra Group and Vodafone who shared their technology journey with IBM and the benefits they had derived.

Capital - IBM is a 107 years old and the company's focus was in creating value for its shareholders and customers , they were not VC funded and they had a conservative policy in sustaining shareholder capital.

Courage - Business Leaders need courage to adapt in the new technology landscape, IBM shared the journey of Moore's Law (1971) about transistors, Metcalfe's Law (1995) about network volume and to Watson's Law (today) about the volume of Data and Knowledge that can add significant value.

Computation -  Quantum computers will accelerate problem solving exponentially, IBM has been in the forefront of quantum computing, they are now building chips which are thinner then the human hair to provide ubiquitous computing anywhere, anytime at affordable costs.

Collaboration - The Blockchain will transform the way we trust and collaborate; Blockchain will do for trusted transactions what the Internet did for information. IBM stated that Blockchain economies build trust among partners and open opportunities to collaborate on problems that are too large for any entity to tackle alone. IBM also stated that Blockchain will allow businesses to rethink supply chain management processes and solution.

Compliance - IBM introduced its lattice cryptography to protect against threats yet to emerge; they shared their journey of use of cognitive, cloud and real time solutions to provide a secure and compliant cyber world.

The IBM CEO addressed India's concerns about data security, she stated that no government should or is required to access data inappropriately and that no one company should own all of the data.

Capability - IBM announce the introduction of blockchain and AI curriculum for a new program in ITI's in India, the two year program will be initially rolled out in Hyderabad and Bengaluru, to train Indians and create employment opportunities for them.

Cloud - IBM shared on how more than 16,000 applications have been built around the cloud and Watson platform; the IBM CEO stated that Data is a natural resource and has been growing so fast. and to mine it economically will be an opportunity and also a challenge, she stated that the IBM cloud and Watson working in tandem could handle data anywhere, anytime in a secure manner.

Cognitive - Business and technology work in real time with the use of cognitive engines from IBM, the future of computing is build around the end of incumbency ; IBM offers the fuel for innovation on scale with talent.

Cancer - The IBM solutions with partners in the use of cloud, cognitive and data for the treatment of cancer was inspiring, IBM shared their experience of the multiplier effect of using IBM solutions in the ability of diagnosing and treatment of a large number patients for cancer by the Indian doctors.

Conclusion - IBM has now moving at a faster pace and its transformation as a company build around Cloud, Cognitive, Quantum computing , Solutions and Collaboration will be the new Mantra for the blue blooded IBM.

Are you ready to harness the benefits of partnering with IBM ?


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